The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Cris Crosses of Genoa City


It seems like everyone's storylines seemed to overlap on today's episode of The Young and the Restless so I was unable to break it into parts. But it's interesting seeing how all these different storylines can intertwine.


Starting off the episode today, Jack brought Sharon home to find the maid cleaning her room. Sharon asked her to finish later but to get rid of the mirror that had "I hate myself" written on it. Jack tried to convince Sharon to move to a different room but she insisted she would be fine. Sharon told Jack that she knows she stole those things but she did not write on the mirror or trash her room. Jack offered to stick around but Sharon told him it was ok if he left.

Noah came downstairs and asked Phyllis where his dad was. Phyllis said she didn't know where Nick was but she was sure he'd be fine. Noah realized that Phyllis and Nick were fighting and got upset because first Jack and his mom were fighting and now this. He left before Phyllis could talk to him about it.

Over at JT and Victoria's, JT told Nick about Sharon's arrest and Nick took off to go check on her. 

Nikki and Lily ran into each other at the club and Nikki showed her the cover of Restless Style with Katherine on the cover. Nikki reminded Lily of the cover shoot she did and how beautiful it was. Nikki also told her if she ever wanted to return to modeling she would be interested in hiring her.

Katherine was obviously distracted and Murphy cracked an Angelina and Brad comment to try and get her attention which she was oblivious to. Murphy asked her if she was waiting for Jill to show up and Katherine admitted her frustration with the situation. Nikki joined them to show them the covers and Nikki invited Katherine to go to the office for the big debut. Just as Murphy was telling her to go ahead and join Nikki at her office Jill showed up in the background and rolled her eyes.

Victor was going over some financial documentation with Colleen and asked her if she was getting confused. She made a point about her intelligence by bringing up her knowledge on architecture. Victor explained to Colleen that what he wants is better harmony on the board and told her he's very serious about the business. Colleen questioned Victor's motives and he admitted that he was too hasty in not wanting her to be on the board. He explained she does have a connection to his family because she's Abby's sister, Ashley's niece, and that he was asked to be her godfather at one time. He went on to say he admired her courage and how he would always be grateful to her father for saving Noah. They then both agreed to try to get along. After she left Victor called JT and asked him to stop by and Colleen called Jack and asked him to meet with her.

Just as Jack was leaving Nick showed up at her door. Jack left and Sharon told Nick about stealing but not remembering when she would do it. She told Nick she was toxic and he should stay away but he told her he wanted to help. She told him about her clothes being cut up and the mirror with writing on it and told him she knows she didn't do it. Nick asked if she thought Phyllis did it. Nick told Sharon that he knows Phyllis has a temper but he doesn't think she could do it. Sharon told him that Phyllis was capable of it but Nick wasn't convinced. Nick told her he wanted to help and Sharon told him (unconvincingly I might add) that she didn't want to ruin his marriage. Nick told her then that he left Phyllis already. Sharon told him to go and he left. 

Murphy went to see Jill at Crimson Lights. Jill accused Murphy of taking advantage of Katherine who she dubbed a "confused old woman." Jill then asked Murphy what he wanted which he replied was to make sure Katherine was happy and having Jill in her life was important to her. Jill told him to mind his own business but Murphy went on to say that even though Jill said the past six years of being Katherine's daughter meant nothing to her it meant the world to Katherine. Jill went on with the bad attitude (which is annoying but very Jill) so Murphy emphasized that Katherine still thinks of Jill as her daughter. But all this did was make Jill more bitter. Murphy admitted he couldn't know what Jill was going through. Which she agreed he couldn't calling the past six years of her life a lie. Murphy told her that loss was a part of life but Jill has a second chance and DNA doesn't matter. Jill tried to deny that she still loved Katherine but Murphy called her on it which shut her up. Just as Jill was starting to believe she and Katherine could work things out she saw the Restless Style magazine and pitched a fit. She ended it by telling Murphy that he was swimming with the sharks now and there's blood in the water. 

Phyllis went to work and was delighted when Nikki showed up with Katherine. Nikki asked if Nick was there and Phyllis said no, when Nikki questioned her on when he'd show up Nikki could sense something was wrong. But before she could ask Phyllis told her to check at Newman to see if he was there. Noah called Phyllis at work and she assured him it would all work out and not to stress. Nikki came over and told Phyllis this issue was selling out but she couldn't find Nick to tell him. She asked where he would go and Phyllis said that's what she was worried about. Phyllis confided in Nikki that she wasn't sure her marriage would make it and Nikki tried to comfort her. Katherine came over admitted she was worried about Jill. Nikki told them both to not push and just let things work out and that you can't force people to love you but let them start to miss you. Katherine and Phyllis said that was easier said than done.

Jack and Colleen met at the club and she filled him in on her meeting with Victor. Jack told her the Abbotts would be taking back control of Jabot and wanted Colleen to be the Fresh Face of Jabot.

Victor told JT that he wanted Colleen off the board and to find a way to do it. JT was hesitant but finally agreed to do what he could. Then JT told Victor about Sharon's room and her getting arrested for theft.

Jill got another visitor at Crimson Lights in the form of Jack. He told her about the Abbotts regaining control of Jabot and she told him he'd screw it up. He tried to get out of Jill who put her back in charge of control and even asked if it was Victor. Jill's silence confirmed it for him. 

Nick and Noah met up at the club and Noah asked if Nick told Sharon about him and Eden having sex. He told her he'd talk to her about it later. Noah asked what was going on with Phyllis but Nick told him it would work out and changed the subject. He told Noah about the arrest and Eden showed up to tell him that Sharon was responsible for the books Eden was blamed for stealing. Then Noah left with Eden. 

Lily and Colleen met up at Crimson Lights and she told Lily about the fitting for the photo shoot at Jabot. Colleen asked her if she was ok with it and Lily assured her she was. They agreed to meet up for drinks later. But after Colleen left you could tell that Lily was starting to miss the modeling biz.

Noah went up to Sharon's room to see her and confronted her about the situation with Eden and the stolen books. She told him that she didn't do it on purpose and Noah asked her what was going on with her. She tried to explain but Noah was too angry and refused to listen storming out of her room.

Jill and Victor met up at the club and she accused him of playing games with her and her family at Jabot which Victor said it was all her doing and she couldn't put it on him.

JT and Colleen met up at Crimson Lights and JT asked her how she'd been. She told him about enjoying staying at her dad's house and how Victor was warming up to her being on the board. Colleen told JT she wasn't naive and knows how Victor operates but that Victor practically welcomed her into the family. JT suggested that wouldn't last and that maybe she should sell her seat on the board and make some money off of the deal. Colleen told him he was her friend but he works for Victor so they should probably talk about anything but Newman Enterprises. (Am I the only one thinking that JT and Colleen hooking up again would bring his character out of the dungeon he's been shackled in? Just a thought!)

Noah and Jack talked about how Nick and Phyllis were splitting up and what Sharon did to Eden and how his parents were totally screwed up. Victor showed up seeing that Noah was visibly upset and Jack told him that Noah was having a bad day. Jack offered to let Noah move in with him for awhile till things calmed down but Victor said that was nonsense and Noah should move into the ranch where he'd be close to family.

Later Nikki and Katherine met up with Murphy at the club they told him about the success of the magazine. Murphy told Katherine about talking to Jill and her reaction to the magazine. Katherine said she wanted to go see Jill but Nikki told her to forget about it. Katherine said she would not give up on Jill. Murphy pointed out Jill at the club and Katherine told her she had to go talk to her alone. Murphy asked if Katherine wanted him to stay but Katherine told him she needed to do it on her own.

Phyllis was leaving Nick a message when he showed up and told everyone to take a coffee break. After they left she asked him where he'd been and he said that he talked to Noah. Nick asked Phyllis if she set Sharon up. Phyllis asked Nick why he would think that and he said it's because Phyllis had been suspicious of Sharon before. He then asked her if she trashed Sharon's hotel room and she played it off and said he should trust her. She then said if anybody shouldn't be trusted it was him for sleeping with Sharon not once but twice. He asked her why she kept bringing it up and she said the best line ever..."Noah's 16 I expect him not to show any restraint but you're a grown man." Again Nick stood there with the blank stare. Phyllis asked him if he was going back to Sharon, he said no. She then asked if he was coming home, he said no. He told her he was going to stay at Victoria's. He said he wouldn't be running into Sharon's arms but Phyllis didn't believe him. So she went back to working.

Sharon called her mom and cried to her about her life falling apart and told her about being arrested.   

Later that day Lily asked Nikki if she was serious about the modeling offer and Nikki said yes. So Lily told her she was very interested.

Katherine went over to Jill and tried to talk to her but Jill kept firing back with attitude. Katherine said they needed to talk about the estate and Jill told her to call her lawyer. Katherine then said that Jill was her daughter she didn't care what the DNA said. And Jill said "well what if I do?" and walked off.

Coming up tomorrow....

Lily tells Karen that her dad would never do that (I'm assuming sleep with Tyra) and Karen says he admitted it

Billy and Chloe are with the lawyer and Billy says there's no way Cane can win but the lawyer says he can't promise that

Jill tells Cane that she asked Katherine to admit that she was glad she wasn't her daughter and she did

So with all that here's the question for debate today....

What reunion would you like to see out of the characters on today's show?

A.) Katherine and Jill as mother and daughter even if it's not biologically

B.) Nick and Phyllis

C.) Nick and Sharon

D.) Sharon and Jack

E.) JT and Colleen

F.) Other