The Young and the Restless Spoilers


May Sweeps: Since that time of the year is almost upon us, I can give you some of the things that I teased about a few weeks ago.


Chloe/Billy/Mac: The playboy newlywed is in a bit of a bind. He wants to be with his first and only true love Mac but he also wants to be the best dad to his baby girl. Expect some challenges that Billy and Mac endure that keeps them separated.

Jana/Kevin/Amber/Daniel/Michael/Gloria: Look for Kevin's family and friends to support and protect him in the current battle he's having with his mental state. Kevin's fighting to get well so don't think that he's down and out. Meanwhile, Jana's headache's will continue to occur. The headaches are due to Kevin and Jana's closeness and there may be a possibility that something else is happening with her that we never thought before.

Katherine/Jill: Now that the ladies are aware that they are no longer related, the old sparks that Kay and Jill had in the past are back. Even though both have enjoyed the peaceful existence they had as mother and daughter, it will still be a struggle for them to decide to keep their relationship or go back to being bitter enemies.

Ashley/Victor/Nikki: Its about that time for Victor and Nikki to do their dance. Even though both are with other people and claim to have moved on, Victor and Nikki aren't able to shake their feelings for one another. This time around it won't be the same song that these two love to play.

Adam: He will become very sinister.Victor better not underestimate Kansas.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack: The quad's relationships will be thrown into chaos and its a anyone's guess who will be paired with whom. Remember, Phyllis has been unleashed and she's one that you have to watch out for. Big red is BACK and crazier than ever!

Mary Jane: Genoa City better be careful, the newest resident has a dark side and will do anything in order to get her own way. The big story for her is how the strategic plan Victor created goes astray.

May Weddings:
Now I gave you a sneak peek on which couples get married earlier in the week. There will be yet another wedding happening in May! Expect characters from years gone by to return that will impact everyone on the show...