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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Revenge, realization and romance are on tap at The Young and the Restless. (Update below)


Karen: The one minute Mrs. Winters leaves town.

When Cane along with Billy and Chloe go to court for a hearing, Cane changes his mind about fighting the couple for custody of baby Delia. Cane still wants to be a factor in the baby's life but he realizes that Delia should be with her mom and dad. His actions prompts Lily to say yes to his marriage proposal and the couple start to plan their nuptials. Katherine fires Cane from Jabot but does offer him the CEO position at Chancellor Industries. Being loyal to Jill, he declines the offer.

Murphy/Katherine: The lovebirds set a wedding date while Katherine arranges for a memorial service for Marge. Y&R's showing viewers that you can find love later on in life and are excited with this storyline. The duo get hitched.

Is she being set up or is she the one behind the craziness?

Colleen: She puts the kibosh on Victor trying to throw her off the board of directors.

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Jack: He and Mary Jane hit the sheets.. So much for him still loving Sharon eh?

Big red is on the warpath and Sharon is her target for the part she played in Phyllis' marriage being crushed. Sharon tells Nick she's going to come clean about the things she's done. Sharon wants to do right by Noah and knows he'll find out about what she did and wants to be a good role model for him. Nick on the other hand thinks Sharon should just ignore what she did so that it will disappear and after much badgering she agrees. Phyllis meanwhile, lays it on thick to Lauren and convinces her to have Sharon arrested. Later on Sharon runs into Michael and Lauren and they confront her about Eden taking the rap for her misdeeds. The Baldwins are pissed at what she did and Sharon is sorry for her actions but she doesn't give up much a fight when they attack her. Sharon just apologizes profusely. Lauren then comes to the conclusion that she will file charges against Sharon while she (Sharon) decides that she needs to confess to what she's done.

Sharon goes to Heather and has written up a confession to her crimes and when she's about to give Heather the letter, Nick arrives and persuades Sharon not to do it. Nick then has a chat with Sharon's attorney and spills all about her current mental state. Things get a bit complicated when Nick finds out that Lauren's the one wanting to file charges against his first love. He takes off to see Michael and confronts Michael about it and questions if Phyllis the real one behind Lauren's choice to have Sharon booked. A light bulb goes off in Lauren's head and she declines to have Sharon prosecuted. Viewers also need to remember that Sharon's case was just on her word of what she did, even though the items in question were in her suite, Phyllis broke into her room (unproven by Nick and Sharon) so at this point the items could have been placed there by that person.

Phyllis finds out that Sharon will not be arrested for the books, she gets pissed and calls Victor to let him know that Sharon's behind the Koon's egg of that Sabrina owned being swiped. Unfortunately for Phyllis, Victor has always had a soft spot for Sharon and knows her to the point that if she stole Sharon must be in some kind of trouble. When Victor visits with Sharon she falls apart and tells him all about her affair with Nick. When they have a heart-to-heart chat, that's when both Victor and Sharon realize that Phyllis set them up for Victor to have Sharon arrested. After her chat with Victor, Sharon lets Phyllis know that her quest to have her arrested by Victor didn't work.

The ladies get into a heated bitch fest when Nick appears before blows are thrown and he intercedes. Being fed up with Nick's constant defense of Phyllis, Sharon tells Nick to stay the hell out of her private affairs. Nick being wishy-washy with both Sharon and Phyllis is hard for Sharon to take and is the main reason why she's acting the way she is. Grudgingly Nick does what Sharon asks of him but did she make the right choice? Sharon later on discovers the letter she wrote Nick when she was first at the Abbott cabin months ago and can't bring herself to get rid of it. Later on Phyllis is the one that is in handcuffs.....

Heather: She confesses to still being in love with Adam (no shocker).