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General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 04.17.09


Ask Away… TGIF!

Two babies… Carly 4.0 and 1.0 err I mean Claudia are in the family way. Carly has that little pesky life threatening condition to contend with and Claudia needs to use the bun in her oven to avoid her becoming the next PC resident with a bullet in them. Oh to be in love and expecting a child in Guza-land.

Jax is over the moon as any good father should be. Too bad in GH world a pregnant wife means high risk and secrets. Sonny, not as excited but hey, at least Claudia gets to live despite putting Michael in a coma. Carly may be the one advised to end her pregnancy but its Claudia who tells Sonny she’s considering an abortion. Will Sonny agree? Of course not! His super sperm must prevail. Uhhh what if it’s not his sperm that did the deed? Remember, the baby could be Ric’s. Why is Claudia considering ending her pregnancy if the baby is meant to keep her alive? To throw Sonny of her trail. It APPEARS that Jax will learn the truth about Carly’s risky pregnancy. Finally a secret that isn’t kept too long unless Jax keeps it a secret that he knows…this is GH.

Hasn’t she learned her lesson yet? A hit on Sonny resulted in Michael getting shot. An attempt at drugging Ric went south. Now Claudia is ordering a hit on Jerry Jacks. Is this when Jason gets caught in the explosion? Only makes sense that Claudia screws up a hit once again.

Nikolas and Elizabeth RUMORS… Were they a bit off when first reported? It looks like the kiss that is coming is a staged one. What about the second kiss? Is that fake as well? And just who is their intended audience? Is it because Nikolas sees Lucky and Rebecca in a close moment?

Luke thinks Ethan could be his spawn… Apparently so will Helena. Who cares...Speaking of Helena is she leaving already? RUMORS say the evil granny heads out of Port Chuck after she gets what she came for. Tyler Christopher said Hells would be around for “a while.” I’m confused.

Daddy to the rescue… Patrick saves Emma from the stroller coaster ride down the stairs. Is it a spat with Maxie that sends Robin to treatment?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Maxie has a plan… and it’s blowing up in her face. Alexis wants to prove NotEmily is a fake. Does she have the scars to prove it? Jerry fakes it at Jax’s expense. Carly drops when she hears Jason’s been hurt. Alexis and Jerry come face to face. Alexis also has RUMORED scenes with Robin.