UPDATED: Soap Destroyers Series

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Update: Be sure to watch the first clip at the top. Soap Destroyers gave a shout out to several Daytime Confidential readers.

Soap Destroyers shout out to DC Readers

Episode 5

Oh boy, the Soap Destroyers series is killing me. In episode five they take on Guza and Frons' destruction of the Quartermaines. In episode four they talk about Guza's obsession with Vanessa Marcil and the state of Robin's storyline. Episode three is a scene between Ken Corday (Kenny) and Fronzie (Frons). Episode features Kenny and Babs (Barbara Bloom) and their conspiracy. Check out more episodes from the Soap Destroyers series after the jump.

Episode 4: Fronzie and Guza 1

Episode 2: Kenny and Fronzie

Episode 1: Kenny and Bloom