The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Custody Cases All Around


Today seems to be the day of parent to kid issues. Whether it's Katherine trying unsuccessfully to convince Jill she still considers her as a daughter over to Neil telling Karen he's behind them adopting Anna all the while helping Tyra to do it instead all the way to Cane going after custody of his not biological daughter to take her away from her bio mommy and daddy Chloe and Billy who are having issues because his first love is in town.....deep breaths and relax....we have lots to get through so let's get started.


Katherine met up with Mac at Crimson Lights and asked if she'd seen Jill and said she needed to talk some sense into her. Mac doesn't understand why Jill is so upset and Katherine said some way some how she has to get through to her.

Mac told Katherine she kept expecting to see Kevin behind the counter and said she was thinking of helping out so Jana could focus on Kevin. Katherine said she reminds her so much of her father. Mac said this would be a lot harder than helping strangers because with them you don't get emotionally involved. She said it scares her to have her emotions coming out once again. Katherine asked her if part of this had to do with Billy and Mac's response was that some things are never meant to be. Katherine asked her if Billy was part of the reason she decided to stick around and Mac changed the subject reminding her of her own demons she needed to face such as talking to Jill. Katherine agreed she needed to take care of it and left.

Mac saw Michael come into Crimson Lights and called him over to talk. He brought up where she was and what she was doing and Mac said she came back because her Grandma was alive. Michael started to talk about Kevin but Mac said she heard everything already. Mac asked Michael if she could go with him to see Kevin and help him come out of this.

Mac wen to see Kevin at the sanitorium and tried to get through to him while Michael watched from the outside.

Mac sat by Kevin and started to talk to him about his marriage and how happy she was for him. She then told him she was all over the world trying to figure out what to do with her life. But now she's back and there where they could spend time together even if it's not under the best circumstances. Just then her voice changed to that high pitch like Gloria's did yesterday. Sending him into a hallucination of him being in the bookstore trying to find Mac. And again the rodent appeared who mocked him and said he'd never be able to get rid of them. He remained calm though and Mac left saying she'd be back soon. Michael asked if he even knew who she was and she said she wasn't sure what was going on in his head but with the right treatment he would get better. And Mac said she would never stop being Kevin's friend. Kevin sat in his cell and uttered one word, "Mac."

Michael went in and sat next to Kevin and talked to him to try and get through to him. Kevin just sat there idly. Michael said they would do whatever it takes to bring Kevin back. He went to touch him but Kevin shied away.


Jill showed up at work to find all her stuff packed in boxes.

Jill called Cane and told him that apparently she was no longer working at Chancellor Industries even though no body had the curtousy to tell her that. Cane asked if she thought it was Katherine's doing and Jill said she was sure of it. Katherine came in and Jill ended the call with Cane. They started arguing again as Jill asked if she was there to gloat. Jill said all she wanted to do was talk. Katherine told her she had nothing to do with firing Jill and it was a huge mistake. Jill said the only mistake was believing Katherine still loved her as a daughter. Katherine insisted that she did still love her like her daughter even with the DNA evidence to the contrary. Jill said it was bull basically. and Katherine responded by asking her why she would boot her out of Chancellor after putting all that time and energy into training her in the business. Jill said she took all that time because it was expected of her to do that with Jill being her daughter but now that that's over she wouldn't have to secretly pretend like she gave a damn. Katherine said that's not how she felt and that Jill is hurt and upset and projecting it all on her. Jill said she's seeing it for the very first time as payback for all the things she took from her in the past and that all Katherine wanted to do was see her fall.

Jill continued to accuse Katherine of always pretending to love her and wanted to hear the truth. Katherine finally gave in and said she was glad, joyous, and ecstatic that Jill was not her daughter.

Jill was standing alone in the dark in her office when Cane showed up. She told him Katherine denied being responsible for her being fired but Jill said it had to be her. Cane said that Katherine cares about her and Jill said he's thinking about Delia but with the bad blood it's different with her and Katherine. Jill then told him about Katherine admitting she was glad Jill wasn't her daughter.

Over at Crimson Lights Katherine told Murphy about the horrible conversation she had with Jill. Murphy tried to explain Jill's behavior to Katherine and Katherine admitted she lost her temper and said things she didn't mean. Katherine asked why Jill was acting this way and Murphy said it was like a hurt dog, if you hold out your hand to help it the dog will bite you. Katherine said it's more like she wants to destroy every good moment they shared as mother and daughter and she doesn't know what to do.

Jill and Cane continued their conversation of how she wanted so badly to make it work and now will never have the chance. She talked about how desperate she was to find her birth mother and the fear of rejection she had. She said now Katherine can erase her from her life. Cane offered to take her to the club and buy her dinner and she told him to focus on the hearing and not his mother. She assured him she'd be alright and Cane said he couldn't understand how Katherine could be so cruel to her.

Katherine told Murphy she was so worried about Kevin being in the hospital when all he was trying to do was help her and he believed in her even when Jill never did. Murphy told her she could wrestle with this the rest of her life and never find the answer. Murphy asked if she was ready to go home and she said she just needed a few moments to herself.

Jill continued packing up her office and flashed back to a touching mother/daughter moment working side by side at Chancellor, and then she left.


Lily and Karen ran into each other at the book store and Karen assumed that Lily knew what happened between Neil and Tyra and Lily didn't. Karen tried to brush it off but Lily insisted she tell her. Karen admitted to Lily that Neil did cheat on her.

Lily was astounded and couldn't believe it so she assumed the adoption would now be on hold. But Karen responded that she and Neil would work things out and they were definately going through with the adoption. Lily then suggested that maybe Tyra should adopt Anna which Karen became offended at that Tyra should be rewarded for that kind of behavior. Karen said that when the adoption goes through she will be Anna's Mother.

Neil and Tyra met with their attorney Rafe to discuss the recent developments in their situation. Neil said Karen wants to go through with it anyways and so does Neil but that at the same time Tyra should submit her own petition. This confuses Rafe and he said it sounded like Neil wants to go to court and fake wanting to adopt Anna while all the time rooting for Tyra to get custody. Neil said that was a harsh accusation and he wouldn't exactly put it that way. Rafe said that no matter how you put it what he's suggesting is illegal and a conflict of interest. Tyra told Rafe that she didn't expect him to represent her and only wanted a referral. Rafe said that even if the lawyer opened up a hearing there was a good chance Neil and Karen could win if they patched up their marital problems. Rafe said in his experience couples who stay together soley for the sake of a child generally live to regret it.

Rafe called Neil with the referral for Tyra and offered to go with her to meet them but Tyra said she could go by herself. She said Neil has done way too much for her already and she felt she'd already screwed up his life. Neil took her hand and kissed it just as Lily came in and walked off and Tyra left so Neil could go talk to her.

Neil asked if Devon told her what happened and she said that Karen was the one who told her. Lily said it was none of her business and Neil agreed but said that he and Tyra were not having an affair it was just one time and that time was a mistake. He said it did make him realize that adopting a child would be an even bigger mistake for him and for Karen.

Neil asked Lily if she really thought it was wrong to give Tyra the chance to adopt Anna. Lily said she doesn't think it's wrong but is afraid if Karen found out she'd feel betrayed all over again. Neil said if she did find out this whole thing would blow up and Anna would wind up back in foster care. Lily said she hopes he's ready because he and Karen got married because of Anna but if Anna isn't part of the picture would they be able to stay together.

Karen and Neil met up at the club to talk about the hearing. Karen said there was nothing to discuss as they were going through with the adoption and begged Neil not to take it away from her. Neil said he knows how much this means to her and he doesn't want to hurt her. Karen then told him not to but to go into the courtroom and pretend he loves her. Neil said he does love her and Karen replied that she was tired and going to go home.


Billy flashed back to the conversation he had with Mac and how she told him to move on. Chloe came out ot ask Billy his opinion on an outfit to wear but then Delia started fussing and Billy tried to comfort her. Chloe then asked Billy if he was still in love with Mackenzie because if he did they were both going to get screwed.

Chloe told Billy if he was going to bail on her she needed to know now and he said he wasn't bailing. She continued saying if he wasn't in this for real because if he blindsided her in front of the judge and decide to run off with Mac then three guesses who would win the custody suit. Billy told her to stop it and said no one was going to cut out on her even if she's acting like a wack job. He also said as for Mac yes he was crazy about her at one time and couldn't wait to marry her and when he saw her he did feel something but that doesn't matter because she's gone and he's where he should be, with his family.

Chloe suggested that they all take off for a tropical vacation and Billy wasn't into the idea. Chloe asked if he was worried and he said they shouldn't be worried about anything. Rafe showed up and told them to bring Delia to the hearing. Chloe asked if they should be worried and Billy asked if there was any way that Cane could win this. Rafe said he wasn't sure about anything.

Rafe said the biggest hurdle in this is how they originally handled the paternity issue. Chloe asked if there was a chance they could lose their little girl and Rafe said it wasn't a done deal because Cane stepped up and won't back down which would impress a judge. Chloe and Billy said that them being the biological parents should count and Rafe said it absolutely does. He told them he didn't mean to freak them out he just wanted them to be prepared. After Rafe left Chloe started freaking out about needing to find the books she wanted to read to Delia especially if she was going to lose her and Billy assured her that Cane was not going to win. After Chloe was calmed down Billy left to go find the books.

Esther showed up and Chloe said she wasn't expecting to see her that night. Esther said she was worried about her and Chloe admitted that the week had been a rollercoaster but Billy was still reassuring her that they would remain a family. Esther said she was worried history would repeat itself but before she could continue Chloe asked if they were talking about the same thing. Esther then told her that Mackenzie was staying in town.

Meanwhile at the book store Billy showed up to find a nursery rhyme book where he ran into Mac. Billy was obviously surprised to see Mac cause he thought she was leaving. She said she changed her mind. Billy then wondered why she didn't call if she'd been there the whole time. She said it's because he's married. She tried to leave but Billy stopped her and insisted she tell him the real reason why she stayed.

Chloe started to freak out about Mac ruining everything and Esther told her to stop because Billy is completely committed to her. Billy's phone rang as he was trying to press Mac into saying why she stayed. Billy told her he needed to hear her say she stayed because of him and she wouldn't but wasn't backing away so he kissed her.


Cane met up with Michael to talk about the custody case and Cane said he was going to hit them with everything they have. He then asked Michael if his case was strong and Michael retorted by asking if he really wanted to do this seeing as Billy is his brother. Cane asked if he didn't want to go through with this and Michael said he did it was just hard for him to fathom two brothers being so at odds with each other when all he wanted was Kevin sitting right next to him. Then it showed Kevin alone in his padded cell.


Lily met up with Cane at the club and Cane said he was waiting for his mom. Lily told him he was a good son and she was trying to be a good daughter for her father's custody case and would be there for Cane for his case shortly afterwards. Lily asked that he be absolutely sure he's doing the right thing before walking into that courtroom.

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Tyra tells Lily that she and her father made a mistake and Lily asked if that was the last time she and her father had slept together or when she went behind Karen's back to hire a lawyer?

JT tells Victor that he's asking him to dig up dirt on someone who's never done anything wrong in her life which Victor responded to dig deeper and he'll find something.

Chloe tells Mac that her husband is not interested and an obviously angry Billy comes up behind them and asks Chloe what the hell she's doing