General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I'm late, so I’ll try to be brief.

I loved that Lulu divided the room in half. Yes, it’s childish and silly and all that, but when Maxie walked in and almost tripped on the furniture and I saw the masking tape on the floor, I had a hearty chuckle, which is very rare with GH these days. I did find it ironic and rather telling of the relationship, that the majority of the furniture was on Maxie’s side of the room.

Loved Maxie’s outfit. That shade of blue was stunning on her.

Interesting that Spinelli is able to speak like a normal human being when he needs to.

I always find it strange when television characters (especially soap ones) walk around the house with a pee dripping pregnancy stick. I’ve taken my fare share of pregnancy tests, and I assure you, they always stayed in the bathroom!!

I call bull on the possibility of Claudia already being pregnant. I know Sonny has super sperm, but still. Unless it’s Ric’s from like, a month ago, when they were still on good terms. But I doubt that she would have been unprotected at that time, so if they’re telling us that the rabbit died due to her messing with the condoms, then I say, yeah right.

I hated that Patrick got all up in Matt’s face, but I did like that Liz stepped in between them to try to calm them down.

Patrick goes to Coleman and says he shouldn’t be talking about Robin behind her back and the proceeds to talk about Robin behind her back. Robin goes to Liz and apologizes for being a biatch and then proceeds to talk to her like a biatch. Oy, my head hurts with those two.

Who wants to see Jax beat the crap out of Jerry? Just me?

Ok, so I wasn’t as brief as I thought I would be!!