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Does All My Children's Babe Carey Have an Evil(Good) Twin?

Insiders are whispering that Pine Valley's most lamented antiheroine, Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler, could soon have a twin pop up in town. Don't expect Alexa Havins to reprise the role, or Amanda Baker for that matter. According to our mole an entirely new actress will be playing the role of Babe's twin. Okay, soooo isn't the point of twin/look-a-like stories on soaps for the show to be able to bring back popular actors whose character were killed off? What's the point of a Babe twin without Havins? Reportedly the show wanted Guiding Light ingenue Marcy Rylan for the part, but the actress turned them down. Keep checking DC as the bizarre bit of casting news develops...

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