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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.20.09


Who thinks there’s some scrambling going on at GH? The ratings suck, the storylines aren’t much better and fans are probably the most unhappy they’ve been in a very long time. Is any of this registering with TPTB? Some are saying it is and re-writes are in the works but my question is: Will the re-writes be in the right direction? GH, Guza, Frons, Jill… do they know what the right direction is? Past experiences tell me that they got off track a long time ago.

What’s going on with NotEmily? Some say she was never supposed to be the RealEmily and that this Rebecca character was meant to stick. Stick to what? Will this be a re-write? There’s some Rebecca – Lucky stuff RUMORED to be coming with those Nikolas-Elizabeth RUMORS mixed in. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO… Make the decision to have NotEmily be the RealEmily. Helena’s in town, use her to your advantage. Have Hells play a role in Emily’s death, explain away Diego admitting to killing her and spin the story in the brainwash direction. I know I never endorse the recycling of old storylines, but in this case, it’s your only option. Do I want a quad with the four musketeers? Not really but I’d be all for a triangle with Lucky-Emily-Nikolas.

LL2 Re-do RUMORS getting resurgence. It SEEMS a personal appearance held by Greg Vaughan this weekend left a few fans with the feeling that LL2 MAY once again be reunited. Haven’t we been down this road already? A few times in fact? I loved LL2 in their heyday, even liked them when they reunited after Elizabeth had Cameron. Now is not the time to try them again. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO…If Lucky-NotEmily can’t happen (for whatever reason) try Lucky with Kelly Lee or recast the role of Sarah. What else did GV dish? Apparently he wants us to lay off Ethan. Sorry Greg, not happening. He also gave some fans the impression that the Nikolas-Elizabeth stuff goes a little too far when he SPOILED that two of the foursome are doing the deed. He also mentioned a letter from Tony Geary apologizing about the recent Luke-Lucky scenes. Also, he auditioned for Melrose Place.


The young adult set… Maxie, Spinelli, Johnny, Lulu, Ethan Matt and Winifred. Maxie is determined to get her Jackal back but is the Jackal going to be quick to forgive and forget? My favorite scenes last week were the Spixie “break-up.” Maxie has a plan which ultimately blows up in her face. Will it push Spinelli further away? Johnny is still RUMORED to bed an older lady and it looks like they’re going to give Ethan and Lulu a try. How does the “is Luke your father?” storyline fit in? Obviously there will be some concerns about Lulu getting involved with a boy who may or may not be her half-brother. Tracy will be the one who is most concerned. Helena tells Luke she thinks Ethan is a chip off the old block and when Holly arrives we SHOULD find out who really is Ethan’s father. RUMORS had Tony Geary pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer… did he get his wish? Some are reporting no. I say Thank God! What about Winnie? I love Senta Moses but I agree with most, one Spinelli is enough. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO… Make Ethan a Scorpio (if he must stay) and give him some stuff with Robin. Maybe Kimberly McCullough can help a brother out because Tony G. isn’t doing this kid any favors. Pair him with Lulu and let Johnny-Maxie-Spinelli have a triangle. If they go JoMax, bring on a Georgie type character for Spin, a young nurse at GH perhaps. If they go with Spixie, bring Nadine back and give us the Nohnny pairing.

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What about Matt? A lot of fans want M&M to get some sort of a chance. We SHOULD see some Matt and Maxie stuff coming up and RUMORS have Matt laying down some roots. Uncle Matt helps out with Emma and I’m seeing reports of some funny moments. There are way too many young men in town, they really need to cast a young nurse or bring back Claire Coffee as Nadine.

Scrubs Stuff… They’ve seem to monopolize the SPOILERS lately but it APPEARS that Robin’s trip to treatment has them sidelined a bit. Patrick becomes a single father and comedy is said to be coming our way when it’s soon realized that taking care of a baby is overwhelming. I’m confused? Hasn’t Patrick been complaining about taking care of Emma since Robin won’t? Why is this all of the sudden such a revelation?

The explosion… SHOULD be this week. Jason is hurt with Carly RUMORED to be collapsing at the news. How hurt is he? It APPEARS that he’s not that badly injured as RUMORS have him leaving GH against medical advice. Remember, there are a few RUMORS associated with the explosion. JaSam moment, Claudia coming to Jason’s aid, Elizabeth hitting up Jake’s and the RUMOR that someone else MAY get caught in the explosion. Now, there is also a RUMOR that someone gets caught in the cross-fire. That COULD be the explosion meant to end Jerry’s life or in typical GH fashion, it MAY be another shoot out.


Jerry survives the explosion… he’s hurt but makes it out alive. What’s he doing back in PC? He wants to set things right and make sure those responsible pay. This is Jerry Jacks so the game playing is par for the course.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Jax finds the pregnancy test. Alexis gets all the deets about her bad boy lover’s involvement. Claudia overhears Alexis and Jerry talking. Jason wants Jax to give up Jerry’s location. Dr. Lee almost tells Jax the truth. He finds out soon enough. Helena and Jerry drop out of sight and Port Chuck. Johnny’s worried that even a bun in the oven isn’t going to help Claudia. Jax and sonny come to blows. Are Rebecca and Alexis as well? Remember, Alexis sets out to show that Rebecca got a new face. Helena doesn’t want the painting; she wants what’s behind the art. Is someone dying? Did Guza sign on for six more months? Is Luke headed out of town in search of Robert?

RUMBLES of a Murder Mystery… Is this what GH needs? A classic tried and sometimes true good old fashion murder mystery? These RUMBLES have it involving the Scorpios and Drakes.

Will Kelly Monaco not be in the extended run of PeepShow? The TALK was that ABC would grant her the OK should she get picked up for the extension on the Vegas show. Recent CHATTER has her returnign to GH after her intial run and Lindsay Lohan as a POSSIBLE replacement.