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Is David Canary Being Written Off All My Children?


Well it looks like today is unfortunately Twins Day in Pine Valley casting hews. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting in his Nelson Ratings that All My Children is killing off one of David Canary's beloved twins, Adam or Stuart Chandler, this May Sweeps.


Another reason to trust The Suds Report: Months ago I reported that David Canary’s illness would result in All My Children’s Adam Chandler’s demise. Yes, Pine Valley’s most memorable villain to date will be murdered in a whodunit this May. Is the dastardly villain dead? Looks that way, but viewers may later learn that Stuart is the twin who actually dies as a fearful and cowardly Adam impersonates his deceased twin brother. Emmy winner David Canary’s (Adam/Stuart) undisclosed illness has prompted this plot twist. In Canary’s defence, you would never know that the actor is suffering any medical issue by watching his brilliant performances. Word from the set now is that should Canary’s illness prove to be disruptive, he will be written out all together when his contract expires — à la Michael Zaslow (ex-Roger, GL). Head writer Chuck Pratt will probably blame Eden Riegel (Binks) when he speaks to TV Guide’s Michael Logan next."