OLTL's Jason Tam's "Tour de Force" Audition Scene in Every Little Step



The New York Times has discovered what fans of ABC's One Life to Live have known for a long time, Jason Tam (Markko) is a superstar in the making. Here's what movie reviewer A.O. Scott  has to say about Tam's audition scene for the revival of A Chorus Line, as documented in the new movie Every Little Step:

Cassie — a role originated by Donna McKechnie, who is interviewed in “Every Little Step” — is a step away from has-been status and desperate to keep working. Others sing and speak about their childhood love of dancing and one, Paul, delivers a heart-wrenching soliloquy about coming out as a gay man and an artist. The casting of this part is one of the most touching and least suspenseful moments in the film, thanks to Jason Tam’s tour de force audition. As a general rule, if you reduce an entire casting committee to tears, you’ll probably get the part."

Looks like Llanview fans will soon be able to say, "We watched you when".