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Sherri Saum on In Treatment

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I was watching my HBO guilty pleasure - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - and at the beginning of tonight's episode there was a promo for In Treatment. I don't watch In Treatment, but the promo caught my attention because I spotted ex One Life to Live star Sherri Saum.


You know how, when you see a celebrity or star and it immediately revives a memory of their past role or performance? Even after all these years, the first thing I thought when I spotted Saum was "Turkey Baster Storyline" on Sunset Beach. Do you watch In Treatment? If so, I'd love to know if you enjoy the show so I can decide if I want to watch it or not.

I tried finding a You Tube clip of the Turkey Baster storyline, but couldn't. Maybe someone will upload on at some point. Why is it that clips like the Turkey Baster or the clip of Charity Rahmer and Drake Hogestyn's inappropriate chemistry as Belle and John Black on Days of Our Lives don't end up on You Tube?

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