General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's the latest Cheers and Jeers edition.

Cheers to Jax: I liked that he had the gumption to confront Jerry and tell him to stay away or else.

Cheers to Scrubs: For managing to get through an hour without screaming stupidities at each other. Color me confused though, what exactly is Robin's role in the OR? Do they really need a Monday morning quarterback to tell them what's happening?

Cheers to Carly/Jason: I thought both actors did a good job in their scene. Steve Burton brought out Jason's fear for Carly and Laura Wright brought out Carly's major desperation to have Jax's baby.

Cheers to the fact that Jax saw the pregnancy test and asked Carly about it, because I really thought they'd drag out that secret much longer and I'm glad that they aren't.

Jeers to Claudia, well, for being Claudia. I suppose I should give her credit for her brilliant manipulation. Girl has it down to a science now.

Jeers to Natalia Livingston in that horrible scene between Emily and Nikolas at Windemere. What's with the head tossing and the spitting out her words and the throwing the purse? It all just seemed over the top to me.

Cheers and Jeers to Sonny and Luke. I'm always interested and impressed when these two actors are together in scenes, but the casual, laidback way they were discussing the killing of a woman was a bit much. Also, I found it very interesting when Sonny made the comment: (I'm paraphrasing), "Could you continue to feel for the person who shot your son?", considering that Luke still salivates over Helena, who ruined Lucky's life. I found it struck a cord with me.