General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.21.09


It’s gonna be a quickie since I’m running behind schedule today…

Ric or Sonny? Who knocked up Claudia? Ric wants a paternity test, an amnio at the earliest time possible. IF the results say the baby is a Lansing will that be the next secret kept in PC? One RUMOR has Claudia putting herself in a pickle and losing the baby. Will Ric accuse her of deliberately putting his child in harm’s way? Will Sonny and Jason let her live once the baby is gone? COULD Sonny not care that his wife is responsible for Michael’s shooting when it’s all said and done? Will Jason? IF Claudia loses her baby will she pretend to still be with child? That’s a classic soap go to move.

Carly’s baby… Will this storyline be another round of Sonny vs. Jax? RUMOR has it that Sonny is concerned about Carly’s delicate condition and Jax wants to know why. Will Sonny know about Carly’s potentially life threatening disorder before candy boy?

Working for Helena or not? What is Rebecca’s deal? Some REPORTS have Nikolas helping Rebecca to free herself from Helena’s clutches. There were RUMBLES of an Elizabeth-Nikolas hook-up but is it Nikolas and Rebecca who are actually hitting the sheets?

Jason… He’ll be spending time with Carly and Michael. Will Jason be in Michael’s good graces? Why can Jason be a part of everyone else’s life except his own child? Sorry, it’s frustrating.

Who will Michael turn to when he comes out of his coma? RUMORS have had him upset with his parents and possibly connecting with his cousin Lulu. Let’s not forget that his sister Kristina is also getting aged and the two MAY find a common ground… their parents.

Will Michael and Kristina be a way to have Jason and Sam in more scenes together? That’s one POSSIBILITY as Kristina will be turning to her big sis and Michael MAY only want Jason around.

So much Kelly Lee! I’m not complaining as I think she should be around more, her and Laney. Obviously it’s the pregnancy storylines that have the OB/GYN on our screens so much. She’s also RUMORED to be the one who tells Patrick that Robin trashed her meds. Remember there’s an intervention coming.

Leaving on a jet plane? The GOSSIP says Tony Geary is headed out on another vacation and this time he’s SUPPOSED to be looking for Robert Scorpio. While you’re out there could you search for the real Luke Spencer as well?