One Life to Live Daily Recap : Officer Down


Sorry I missed Friday's episode. They all kind of blend in at times!

The Morasco Fiasco :  (I did not come up with that, it's from many message boards and I have no idea who to credit! If someone does, please let me know!) The hand of God is coming down to strike Shane because Gigi was going to open her mouth. Are they serious? Is this what this drivel has amounted to? I know that the story line has sucked so far, but I was hoping that there would be SOMETHING redeemable here. Alas, I am destined to be disappointed! Between the "I just gave pints of blood and am bopping around with make up" to the "I am digging in the biohazard bucket to pull out a bag of blood that I then stick in my bookbag" I was completely disgusted. Even drunken Roxy was annoying! Just show us the father already!! At this point any additional visits to the "figure in the bed" are just to drag out the audiences agony. However, I would like to say that JPL has the disgust for Gigi down pat.He may not do the high emotion well, but he can do complete and utter disdain.

Talia : Goodbye Talia, we hardly knew ye. Yes she was Carlo Hesser's daughter, but that could have been written so much better. Are we supposed to assume Fish is innocent because of the editing? And why the sudden need to frame John McBain when the killer has been after Todd til now. John getting arrested only helps Todd in the custody fight. I liked Bo flipping out on Mayor Floyd and I liked the Antonio mention with Nora.

Viki / Charlie : I really liked their interaction. Once again a realistic type of conversation. If I were Charlie I don't think I would really want to live in the house with my son, his fiance and the girlfriend's daughter who is a little psycho and her two little kiddies. I know it's a big house, but it is a little much. I also liked how the servants are more like friends and how the gardener is still mad at Charlie because he put in some flowers. The bad news is now that Charlie is living at Llanfair, he will be relagated to the attic and completely forgotten about.

I enjoyed no Starr today. I know that when people hear this week's performer of the week podcast they will probably be a little upset so have at it and leave the comments on the blog!! Also, don't forget to check my twitter for the minute by minute commentary on OLTL.