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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Rick Overplays His Hand

Rick/Ridge: This round for L.A.'s most pompous ass was won by Rick when he decided that Ridge was too dumb to ever get out of being blackmailed. Ridge, who is as tired of Rick playing a nice guy for everyone else as we are, set Rick up to have a conversation with him and a laptop recorder. Rick's tirade of how much he hated Ridge all came out. Ridge encouraged the dumb kid to keep yapping, and yap he did. Rick admitted that his relationship with Steffy was all about revenge, not love. He also stated that if Ridge blew it for him that he would take Steffy away and he would lose another daughter.


After Rick left, he suddenly got smart and realized that Ridge didn't put up a fight. Curious, he went back and overheard his conversation being played for Taylor. Suddenly scared, he ran off to Malibu to break up Steffy's bridal shower and hightail her out of town before Taylor and Ridge showed up with the laptop.  When they got to Rick's place, the guests informed them that Rick took off in a heated rush. Taylor surmised that Rick might be onto them and huffed, "I've had it Ridge! It has to stop tonight!", as she flipped back her gorgeous dark hair.

Jackie/Owen: After the revelation that Stephanie and Bridget were the flash behind the trash, Jackie retreated to her beloved bathtub. As always, she had company and today it was in the form of Owen. Bridget was in a playful mood, but would not tell Nick who she wanted to play with. Too bad Bridget will lose another man to another older woman.

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Marcus stopped in at Steffy's shower to talk to her privately. When he started to tell her that he was happy for her, she interrupted with, "I don't understand", to which I thought, "no kidding".