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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Dysfunctional Family Drama

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Sorry for the delay everyone but I had a meeting to help plan my ten year reunion but without further ado here's today's drama....


Jack and Ashley were at the club talking about Jill losing her job and inheritance when Jill showed up. Jill went over and talked to Cane. She told him that the job with Victor didn't work out. Cane preceded to tell Jill about the offer Katherine made him and how he turned it down and was happy with his decision.

Jill asked Cane how it would look to the judge to say he quit his job in this economy. Cane said "hopefully like a man with principle and said the business world wasn't how he thought it would be with all the back stabbing that made him sick. He went on to say he didn't want to be around that every day and sure as hell doesn't want to bring that stress on his family. He told Jill he had to leave for the hearing and asked if she wanted to come. She said it probably wouldn't be a good idea because the press would swarm. Cane left and Jill flashed back to her conversation with Victor and the blackmail she gave him.

Jill walked over to Jack and Ashley and said that she had some news that they would find very interesting. Ashley asked her what the catch was and Jill said there was none. Ashley said she didn't believe her because she knew she was looking for work and had gone to Victor. Jill was offended and said she didn't go begging for a job. Jill then told her that Victor left part of their conversation out and she would be happy to fill her in on that. Jill took a seat with them and Jack told her he didn't remember asking her to join them. She replied that was too bad because they were going to hear what she had to say. Ashley started looking uncomfortable and Jack asked if she was ok. She said she was fine she just wasn't interested in Jill's gossip. Jack quipped that he couldn't blame Jill because she had nothing better to do unlike them who needed to get to Billy's custody hearing to support him since his mother wasn't. Ashley asked if Jill would be going to support Cane and she said she wasn't going. Jack asked her if she was afraid to show her face in public and Jill said not after what they wrote about her in that rag (I'm assuming Restless Style). Jack asked her if she'd read it and she said no. He then asked what Cane was going to do without her skirt to hide behind and Jill said she was very proud of her son for doing what he thought was right. Ashley pointed out that she said "son" in the singular sense and Jack said he noticed. He went on to say it was a shame she and Billy weren't closer since they had so much in common, for starters that neither of them had a real mother. (Jack's really on a role today with the insults by the way). Jill asked him if he was enjoying kicking her while she was down and reminded him that was when she was the most dangerous. Ashley moved uncomfortable again and Jack insisted he get her out of there. Jill said not until she told them what was going on and Jack said they didn't care and he and Ashley left.

Jill ordered another drink and started to read the article in Restless Style. She slammed the magazine down just as a reporter came over to talk to her. The reporter asked if it was true that Katherine was going to press charges for fraud because Jill wasn't really her daughter and asked if she'd been lying all these years. Jill then seethed that she would give him a quote and exclusive on the real Katherine Chancellor because she was the fraud as Mac watched from a distance.

Jack remained concerned about Ashley's health and then Ashley was hit with a pain and said something was wrong and she needed to see her doctor. Jack took Ashley home after seeing ths doctor and asked Estella for some water. She said that the doctor said the spotting was perfectly normal and went to lay down.

When she left Jack noticed a file on the table and decided to take a peek. Adam came in and assumed it was Victor till Jack told him it was him. Adam asked him what he was doing there and Jack said he was bringing Ashley home because she wasn't feeling well. Adam told him he didn't have to stick around because he would look after her. Jack said that was an interesting phrase due to his blindness. Adam said he could see some things more clearly now like Jack's future which was headed for a fall. Adam went on to say it would be his arrogance that did it. Jack asked him if Victor was buying his act and Adam said he didn't know what he meant. Jack said Adam was very clever finding the softer underbelly of the beast but his charade wouldn't work on him and that blindness hadn't changed his character. Adam asked how he knew that and Jack said because he knew his mother and she would never have used her disability to manipulate. Adam asked if Jack was thinking of his mother when he set him up. Jack then quipped that was the Adam he knew waiting and plotting revenge. Ashley came down and told Jack that was enough and it was time to go. Jack told her not to get worked up and she said that Adam had been through enough. Jack asked if she was seriously buying his crap and Ashley said this was his home. Jack then said this was a prison to him and to not ever forget it. Ashley told him to go check on Billy.

After Jack left she apologized to Adam and he said he didn't resent his father but that Jack was right he wasn't worth much these days.


Billy apologized to Mac for Chloe's actions which Chloe was appalled by. Mac said she understood with the pressure going on with the custody suit. Billy said that was no reason to take it out on her and Mac agreed saying she was not a threat to their marriage but that she was living there now and she wasn't going into hiding so Chloe needed to get used to it. 

After Mac left Chloe called her an "annoying little prig" and Billy told her to "get a grip" and asked her if she was going to rip the judge's head off too and she said she would if he tried to take her baby away. Billy told her to stop freaking herself out and Chloe went on a tirade about how much Cane hated her and why and that if he got custody they would probably never see their little girl again. Chloe ordered a double espresso and Billy changed the order to decaf because she was wound up enough as it was. Chloe said she was going crazy because there was nothing they could do and Billy said he asked Lily to talk to Cane for them. Chloe said she already did that and asked why would this time be any different. Billy's answer was that it had to. Chloe asked him if he was as scared as she was. He denied it but she said it was ok because it would help her so she wouldn't have to go through it alone. Mac watched from a distance obviously upset by their closeness. Billy said that nothing was going to happen to his girl.

Lily pulled Cane aside and explained to him what Neil did and Cane said he couldn't believe he did that. Lily said she couldn't either and felt bad for Karen who was crushed. Cane asked why he did it and Lily said that it was the right thing to do because Anna belonged with her mother. They both looked over at Tyra and Anna and Lily said it shouldn't have happened in court for Anna's sake. Cane said he knew where she was going with this. Lily went on to say that she didn't want it to be Cordelia on the stand one day. Cane said she wouldn't because this was going to decide it once and for all. Lily told him that wouldn't happen because Billy and Chloe would continue to fight for her and it would go on and on and that she would be caught in the middle. She said he had a chance to make things right before Cordelia had to go through what Anna did.

Chloe noticed that Delia was smiling in her sleep and she loved that. Billy told her to take a picture so she did and showed it to him. They wondered what she was dreaming about and talked about her future firsts. Chloe asked him if he really thought they would both be there for that and he said of course they would. He then shot a look over to Mac and then refocused on Chloe telling her to just enjoy the moment.

At the courthouse Lily told Cane that Michael was on his way and asked Cane what he was thinking. He said that he was thinking about her and how she knew what he needed even before he did. Chloe and Billy showed up with Delia and Cane asked her if he could talk to her for a minute. Rafe started to say it was a bad idea but Chloe said it would be ok.

They went into the courtroom to talk and Billy asked Lily if she knew what that was about. Chloe told Cane if this was another lecture about how lousy of a parent she would be than he could shove it. Cane asked her to listen to him just this one last time and Chloe asked him what that was supposed to mean. Billy said it sounded good since there was no gunfire and Lily said everything would be fine. Billy then replied that it was thanks to her. Chloe told Cane he had made it very clear to her how he felt about her and that he would probably make it very clear to Delia if he got custody. And asked him if he understood that Delia needed her because she was her mother and Cane said he did. He said he tried to imagine what he would say to Delia when she asked him why he took her away from her mom and he couldn't come up with a good answer for it because there was nothing that would justify what Anna and he went through without a mom. Cane then told her he was dropping the suit. Chloe hugged him and told him thank you over and over.

Billy asked Lily how Aunt Lily sounded to her and she said she could get used to it. He told her he was glad because he wanted her in Delia's life as the perfect role model. Billy then asked her if she still didn't think he cared about or respected her while they were together. She said she knows he did because he was able to help her get through a hard time. Cane told Chloe that Michael was going to drop the petition but it was her job to change the father's name on the birth certificate. He also told her that he was going to be keeping an eye on her and she said that was good because she wants him to be there as a part of the family and said she has changed and admitted she was wrong before with how she tricked him. Cane said he believed her and she thanked him.

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Back at the coffee house Mac flashed back to Billy kissing her but was snapped out of it when the waitress asked her if she wanted a refill. She told her no and said she was going to the gym to clear her head.


Neil stood up in court and said he needed to make a statement. Karen and Rafe both tried to get him to sit down but Neil asked the Judge to hear him out. Neil proceeded to tell the judge that he'd adopted before and that Devon wasn't just like a son but was his son. He said he didn't think he could feel that way especially not twice in a lifetime. He went onto say that no piece of paper could explain what Anna meant to him and Karen and specifically to him personally. He said that before he met Anna he had been going through a very dark chapter in his life, that he had lost so much and didn't think he had any love left to give a little girl. But Anna gave him a sense of joy and excitement for the future and purpose and that he wants to be the father she deserves. Then he asked the judge to reconsider her decision and give custody to Tyra who had made Anna what she is today.

Karen stood up and said he didn't mean it and Neil apologized to her. The judge asked if Neil was aware before today that Tyra wanted to adopt Anna and he said he did. She then asked him what caused his change of heart. Neil said it was because there were things that they hid from their attorney about problems in their marriage. Karen said it wasn't true at least not anything that would make them not want Anna and Neil retorted that Karen may have been able to overlook his mistakes and that he's sorry for those mistakes but that Anna deserves better. He went on to list Anna's qualities and said they were because of the way Tyra raised her and that he believes in his heart Tyra and Anna are meant to be together. The judge called a recess to redeliberate and Neil tried to explain to Karen but she walked out.

Neil told Karen that it wasn't planned and Karen said it was only because he didn't think he'd have to say anything because he got Tyra a lawyer and figured that would be enough. She then told him she couldn't stand the sight of him and walked off. The judge returned and said she appreciated Neil's candor but wished it had come sooner so she wouldn't have had to interrogate a twelve year old girl. She went on to say that because of the new information Neil provided she was awarding permanent custody and guardianship to Tyra. Tyra broke down and ran out to tell Anna the news.

Outside the courtroom Anna waited with Devon and wanted to know what was taking so long. Devon said that it was a big decision and would take time. Anna said she betted he was happy to be adopted. Devon said that big changes make everyone nervous but that Anna had something he didn't have, a big brother to take care of her no matter what. 

Cane showed up and talked to Devon and Anna about the custody hearing. He said that he thought Neil had a lock on it but Devon told him that Tyra decided to petition to adopt her too. Anna told him about going up to hug Tyra and felt bad about hurting Neil and Karen. Lily came out and Anna asked her if they had made a decision yet. Lily told her not yet but that it wouldn't be much longer.

Neil walked out of the courtroom and Devon went over to tell Neil he was sorry. He said he didn't think Tyra had a chance and Neil said she didn't. Devon thought it was because of Anna's testimony but Neil told him what he did. Devon asked how Karen was and he said not good. Neil reentered the courtroom but Karen had already left leaving her wedding ring on the table.

Devon returned to Tyra and Anna and said he was looking all over for Neil and couldn't find him. Anna said he didn't even say goodbye and neither did Karen and said she made them really upset. Tyra said that wasn't true and said Neil said a lot of nice things about her. Anna continued to believe it was her fault and Tyra continued to comfort her. Lily suggested they go to the ladies room and she and Anna left. Devon and Tyra talked about how Neil put his marriage on the line for her and Anna and Devon said they would work through it. Tyra said he didn't see the look on Karen's face and she didn't wish this on anyone.

Back at the apartment Karen was packing to leave as Neil showed up. Neil asked her not to leave like this and Karen asked him what he expected to happen and then accused him of wanting this outcome and trying to be everybody's hero. She called Tyra his mistress and he said she wasn't so Karen said she hoped Tyra was a really good one night stand. Neil told her she didn't want to go and she said she sure as hell didn't want to stay. Neil asked if it was because there was no Anna there now and Karen said there was no "us" there never was and that it was never real for him. He said it was and Karen said it wasn't he was just pretending and going through the motions and accused him of using her to get over his dead wife. He told her not to say that and she said he said it the minute that he slept with Tyra and humiliated her. Neil told her he had to do it for Anna and Karen told him to shut up and said it had nothing to do with Anna or Tyra but with him because he wanted out. She said she always knew it and that's why he left but he kept going after her so she believed what he said, but now it didn't matter because she was wrong and he was lying. Neil told her she was rushing into this and she said it was long overdue and the worst part was he was right, adopting Anna would have been a mistake because then he would have felt trapped and she would have felt more alone then she already did. She then asked him why he gave her all that hope if all he was going to do was rip it out from under her. Neil told her to stop making him out to be a scam artist and said that's not who he is. Karen asked him who he is then since he's been playing a role for so long. Neil asked her if she honestly believed all he has been doing is using her and she said she knew he had been. She started to leave and Neil grabbed her arm and said he loved her. She tried to break free but when she couldn't she smacked him over the head. He said if she didn't believe anything else then she needed to believe that he loved her and was sorry. Karen started sobbing and screaming that she hated him while pounding on his chest when Devon, Anna, and Tyra walked in.

Tyra said they shouldn't have come and Anna once again said it was her fault that everybody was upset. Karen sat her down and said it wasn't her fault. Anna asked her if she had to leave and Karen said she did. They said they would miss each other and said goodbye. Karen then started to leave when Neil called her name, she paused for a moment but then left.

Coming up tomorrow....

Cane asks Lily if the marriage is back on the table

Phyllis asks Lauren what she's supposed to do and Lauren tells her to take Sharon out of the equation

Jana asks Kevin if he heard anything she said and he says "Amber"

So here's your question for today....

Which family situation is the most dysfunctional? (they all are but which one is the worst?)

A.) Neil, Karen, Devon, Lily, Tyra, and Anna

B.) Jill, Katherine, Cane, Billy, Chloe, and Lily

C.) Victor, Ashley, Jack, Adam, Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, Noah, Nikk, Victoria, JT, etc.... (yeah it's a big family with all the connections)

D.) Michael, Lauren, Eden, Gloria, Jeffrey, Kevin, and Jana