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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Wedding Interruptus

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be writing the Days of Our Lives recaps here at Daytime Confidential. Be gentle with me, it’s my first time –lol!

Philip/Stephanie/Brady/Melanie/Victor: We get to relive the hit man opening the door and ruining a perfectly hot shirtless Philip scene. (And I’m not sure if the gun shot wound could look any cheesier. Maybe someone from the makeup department at Days was watching a 70s horror movie on the weekend – lol) Stephanie comes out screaming and screaming followed by some more screaming as the hit man decides to take a shot at her but misses and hits an innocent painting instead. Two maintenance guys come running in and save Stephanie from the hit man. Stephanie yells at them to call 9-1-1 and runs over to Philip and begs him not to leave her.

At the hospital, Melanie ruins the other hot shirtless scene in the show by blabbering on as a shirtless Brady waits in a hospital room to see a doctor about his injuries. Somehow every other nurse in the hospital just happens to be busy, so Melanie gets to clean Brady’s wounds. (And I find myself scratching my head wondering how TPTB had problems with Dr. Dan and Chelsea’s age difference but seem to think that throwing an annoying, rambling 18 year old at Brady, while she is doing an impression of drunk Six from Blossom is okay – because yeah, that makes sense…) Melanie tries to distract Brady by talking to him about Sami and trying to get a feel for her. (And I find myself screaming, ‘Please, stop trying to compare Melanie to my Sami Brady, please!!!!’) Then, Melanie tries to get Brady to admit he still has feelings for Nicole but he doesn’t want to talk about it. The doctor eventually gives him a clean bill of health and as Brady and Melanie are about to leave, Philip is rushed in by the paramedics with a hysterical Stephanie right behind them.

Philip is rushed into surgery and Stephanie tells Brady what happened and then proceeds to collapse on the floor crying. Melanie comforts her and gets her some clean clothes. A calmer Stephanie tells Brady that she called Victor and told him what happened. Brady tries to get in touch with Kate and everyone else. Victor arrives and wants to know how Philip is and what happened. Lexie comes out and tells them that Philip survived surgery but is in critical condition. Victor tells her he wants Dr. Dan on the case. Then he questions Stephanie who tells him what happened. Victor’s suspicions of it being a hit are confirmed. Stephanie goes to see Philip and Victor asks Brady what happened to him. Brady tries to down play being attacked which just makes Victor even angrier. Victor tells him to either wake up about the DiMeras being behind all of this or get out and then he walks away. Melanie walks over to see if Brady’s okay and he suggests they go and get some coffee.

In Philip’s hospital room, Stephanie takes his hand and tells him she loves him. He opens his eyes and she smiles and kisses his hand celebrating that he came back to her. He looks at her and then his eyes roll back in his head and he starts flat lining. Stephanie starts crying again. (Because crying is much more helpful than getting help you know!)

Nicole/EJ/Sami/Stefano: Sami arrives at the church with Grace in hand to stop the wedding as the priest is about to announce Nicole and EJ husband and wife. Nicole is furious when EJ wants to hear what Sami has to say. They go outside in the vestibule and EJ asks Sami what she wants, but before Sami can get a word in Nicole starts scrambling and babbling in order to not give Sami a chance. This cycle of Nicole insulting Sami and begging EJ not to listen and EJ insisting they listen and Sami just seeming amused goes on for a while, until Lexie comes running out and says she has to go because Philip was shot.

As Lexie leaves and Nicole thinks it’s and accident, Sami turns to EJ and says, “An accident? You bastard.” EJ tries to tell her he had nothing to with it but Sami doesn’t want to hear it and takes Grace and leaves. Nicole tries to test EJ to see if he is telling the truth but he brushes it all aside and suggests they go back inside. Nicole throws on a smile and goes with him. While all this is going on Chloe and Stefano are having a very surreal conversation about EJ and Nicole and what Sami could possibly be saying. (I really don’t know when Chloe and Stefano became so buddy buddy. First, the kiss on the cheek yesterday and now this? This is just really weird.)

When EJ and Nicole go back inside, the wedding resumes with the only person objecting being a vocal baby Sydney. (Well, that’s how the EJami fan in me saw it. I’m sure the EJole fans agreed with the priest and saw it as the baby giving her blessing – anyway…) Meanwhile, as EJ and Nicole are pronounced man and wife, Sami is outside the church, and calls the hospital pretending to be Cassie in order to get an update on Philip’s condition. (I don’t know what surprises me more, Sami acting more like her old self over the last couple of days or the show actually remembering that Cassie exists!)

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After the wedding, EJ tells Stefano they should probably just have a small reception so it doesn’t look like they’re dancing over Philip’s grave. Stefano smirks and tells him that they wouldn’t want anyone to think that. Stefano leaves and heads to the hospital. EJ tells the Nicole about the reception plans changing and says he should go tell their guests. (Does this mean the guests don’t get to be paid for the reception? I’m just asking since I didn’t recognize anyone but Lexie and Doctor Baker, so I just assumed the others were all seat fillers hired by the DiMeras.) When EJ gets to the vestibule, he finds Sami and Grace waiting for him. Sami demands that he tell her the truth about what happened to Philip. He says he will if she’ll tell him the truth about why she came to the wedding even though he thinks he already knows. (Translation – we aren’t going to learn anything because it would involve both of them telling the truth and EJ having his brain back and I don’t think we need to worry about any of those things happening anytime soon!)

Stefano/Victor: Stefano shows up at the hospital to check on Philip’s condition and Victor snaps and accuses him of being behind the shooting. Stefano denies having any part of it but Victor won’t let it go. He tells Stefano, “Your son died because he was clumsy and he fell, so you decided to have my son murdered.” Stefano glares at him and replies, “I understand your grief, Victor. The pain is unbearable, isn't it?” Stefano goes to leave and Victor grabs his arm and warns him, “This is not over. This is just the beginning.” Stefano holds his ground and replies, “Right.” (Well, of course it’s not over! With this show, this conversation could take two weeks – never mind how long the storyline will take.)

On the Next Days:

Nicole to Chole: Listen, I'm gonna go check on EJ and see what's going on.

Chloe: Nicole, if you go out there, you're making a huge mistake.

Sami to EJ: You think I came here because I'm still in love with you?

At the hospital, Kate slaps Stefano.

Daniel tries to revive Philip saying, “Clear! Come on, Philip, come on.”

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