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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ok, so Sonny doesn't believe in abortion because it's "against his faith", but he's alright with killing his wife (if she was involved in his son's shooting) or anyone who looks at him cross-eyed or dares to want a piece of his pie. You know, I don't think God splits hairs like that.

I'm happy for Jax, but shouldn't he be waiting longer than five minutes before buying out the entire baby store? Women in this town (especially his wife) are notorious for having miscarriages. At least wait a couple of months.

Having said that, I am happy for him and I feel that if this baby doesn't survive the nine months, that Jax just might very well go postal and kill the entire town!

Loved the Jax/Alexis scene. It's always sweet to see those two together. Color me surprised that he told her that Jerry was alive and partly responsible for Michael. I do wonder why Jax has conveniently forgotten Claudia's part in all of this.

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Luke and Helena were just weird and icky and gross and icky and strange and icky and gross and did I mention, icky? I loved that she caught Ethan trying to steal from her and I find it interesting that she guessed that Ethan was Luke's son. That woman may be a sociopath, but she's a smart one and that almost kiss was just wrong.

Speaking of Nikolas (!), when Helena first mentioned that she wanted the painting, I knew it wasn't the actual painting she wanted, but something hidden behind it. Nik should have been smarter than that and had the painting checked out before handing it over to her.

I'm tired of Rebecca and the hair toss. Please don't subject Lucky to her.

Poor Emma. Robin was holding her like the baby had some contagious disease.