General Hospital Spoilers!



Here’s the Scoop! 04.22.09

GH goes HD tomorrow…
Why on a Thursday and not at the beginning of a week? Can anyone explain that to me? Does the definition matter if the writing is still bad?

We SHOULD see NuMichael on Friday. REPORTS don’t have him actually talking until late May. Patrick consults on Michael’s case and it SEEMS he’ll disagree with what Michael’s doctor wants to do. Who will Sonny go with? Not Patrick. I’m still seeing CHATTER that the Quartermaines will play a part in the Michael story. How much? Not sure but I have very little faith.

Remember when I mentioned that Jason would be keeping a secret from Sonny? What’s the secret? The truth about Claudia. Jason won’t tell Sonny that Claudia is responsible for the shooting. Why? The bun in the oven. Looks like Claudia’s plan is working, so far anyways. There is some TALK that Jason MAY actually start listening to Ric.

Ethan… Who’s his daddy? Who’s his momma? Is Holly Sutton? Luke wants a DNA test and both he and Tracy tell Lulu that they think Ethan could be a Spencer. Will Lulu argue against that logic? Of course she will. RUMORS have said that Holly will answer plenty when she arrives. Also, there’s that RUMORR that has Luke heading out of town to find his good old pal Robert Scorpio. Will Lulu start working at the Haunted Star to protect her dad’s assets? That’s a RUMOR out there. Does that mean Lulu leaves Crimson? She’s not too happy with Maxie right now. Back to Ethan for a bit… his pick pocketing was never so blatant but the diabolical Helena hits up his bar and all the sudden he’s not as stealth?

Speaking of Maxie and Lulu… What’s up with the living arrangements? Is Lulu moving back in with the Q’s?

Going for the jugular? An intervention is held to get through to Robin and we mentioned a snark thrown Maxie’s way that seems to help wake Robin up. What’s Robin slinging at her cousin? RUMORS have the PPD mom accusing Maxie of putting her own momma issues on Robin. Ouch!

Murder Mystery? I’m still seeing REPORTS that a murder mystery is coming. Who’s the deceased? Not sure. Olivia was thrown out as a way to bring Dante to town. Is it Ric? Is someone framed? Who the hell knows?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… NuMichael hasn’t had much in front of the camera time yet but REPORTS have had him auditioning potential Dantes. After the intervention, after treatment, after Kimberly McCullough gets back from vacay, Scrubs SHOULD be back on the right track. Matt and Maxie adventures in babysitting. LL2 re-do is getting TONS of steam… shoot me now. Nikolas and Rebecca in bed. SHOULD we be expecting an announcement soon that Steve Burton has re-signed with the show? Remember he said the fans would know by June what he’s decided.

Someone asked about Kelly Monaco and her PeepShow… As I understood it, when she originally signed on and got the OK from Frons she was also told that should her run be extended they would allow her to continue. Rehearsals took more time and now that the show is in its run they are hoping that they’ll be able to use her more when she is available to GH. There were news reports that had Lindsay Lohan being considered for Kelly’s replacement when her time was over and those reports insinuated that Kelly would not be granted an extension. Of course there is CHATTER about this as the GOSSIP has those above Frons saying no to Kelly continuing past her initial run with PeepShow. I guess we’ll see what happens…