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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Owen Puts in Overtime

There wasn't much progression on the storyline front today. 


Owen/Jackie: Owen finished washing Jackie's back while teasing her with sweet nothings in his skimpy black underwear before they took it out of the bathtub. Jackie wasn't too concerned with the show she was putting on for Los Angeles by her big picture window, but she hesitated when Owen made his move. Color me dumb, but if there is a guy scrubbing your back in his underwear, my guess is that he's lookin' for a little somethin' somethin'.

Owen gave Jackie a backhanded complement when she fretted about looking like his mother rather than his date. He said that Jackie was "every 12 year-old boy's fantasy mom." I knew what he meant, but in the context of the rampant incest on B&B, I threw up a little. He continued to tell her how hot she was and she melted. They scorched the sheets while Nick pondered when his mother got a life and where she disappeared to.

Nick presented Bridget with a small trophy that declared her "World's Greatest X", in reference to Madame X, his ex-wife, etc. In my head, Bridget pulled out a gun and changed him from a rooster to a hen with one shot. Bridget isn't that brilliant and they had some meaningless conversation that ended in the "I still think you're hot" stare. Katie was nowhere in sight.

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Forrester Follies: Car chases figured prominently in the Taylor/Ridge/Rick/Steffy action today. Ever since Rick rode off the cliff with Phoebe, we can't get away from the oh-so-obvious parallels to this latest storyline twist. Rick was headed for Big Bear, while Steffy whined about why they have to leave, why they have to go to Big Bear, why they have to avoid her parents. "Why do I always question everything?", she wondered aloud. There was no answer of course because she really hasn't questioned a damn thing until today.

Taylor called Steffy, who blabbed they were enroute to Camp Forrester. Rick abruptly changed direction and called for the jet so they could reroute to Hawaii. In the meantime, he explained to Steffy that things aren't always what they seem and that Ridge may try to discredit him. Good thinking Rick!

Ridge and Taylor figured out what was happening when the pilot called for permission, but Rick overrode Ridge by threatening to fire the pilot. He reluctantly started to taxi to the runway when Ridge and Taylor drove out onto the tarmac. Rick watched in amazement, but still demanded the pilot start his takeoff roll. As he did so, Ridge ran like Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man) out in front of the jet, which is really why Rick watched in amazement. I mean, who knew Ridge could run that fast? Slam to black. Sorry kiddies, you'll have to wait until tomorrow!