The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Chucky Chipmunk the Imaginary Rodent Boy


Today I'm coining the term Chucky Chipmunk Rodent Boy and I also have to admit that I actually wanted to put my foot through the TV right into Nick's head. When you get to the last paragraph of his conversation with Phyllis you'll see why. So enjoy!


Daniel asked Amber what she wanted to do for dinner and Amber freaked out saying she couldn't do this, just go back to work and act like everything was normal. Daniel asked her if she was still worried about Kevin and she said of course she was since he was locked away in a padded cell. Daniel told her that at least he was safe and she told him that in Kevin's mind he wasn't. She said that he had gone off the deep end and she almost brought him back but then Jeffrey came in and screwed everything up. She told him she was thinking of going and talking to the judge which Daniel thought was a horrible idea. She tried to press the matter and Daniel snapped asking her when she was going to stop obsessing over Kevin and think about herself.

Jana visited Kevin in his cell and tried to elicit a response from him with no luck. She continued by suggesting when he got out that they take a road trip back to the ashram where they got married. When Kevin still didn't respond she begged him to look at her. Chucky Chipmunk Rodent Boy with the high pitched annoying voice entered his brain again calling him "zombie boy" and kevin snapped yelling at the voice to stop and shut up and leave him alone. Jana of course thought this was directed at her.

Amber asked Daniel how he could even suggest that she abandon kevin after he had been tortured to the point of a nervous breakdown. She went on to snap that maybe he could walk away from Kevin because the situation was too messy or hard but she couldn't. Daniel was appalled that she wouldn't think he'd want to help his best friend but Amber couldn't keep running around and putting herself at risk. Amber said Kevin needed her but Daniel said HE needed her. He said she was never there, first running off with Mrs. Chancellor and almost getting blown up and then running off with Kevin and robbing banks while getting chased by the cops on TV. He said Kevin could have turned on her which Amber pointed out that he didn't. But Daniel asked what if he had and he would have lost her. Amber told him he wasn't going to lose her and she was fine and there. But Daniel reminded her that she was there now but could go to jail. She told him Michael wouldn't let that happen and he said he hoped not because he remembers all the dreams they had for their future and then everything happened and now it felt like all of it was falling apart. She told him that he was the most important thing to her and their dreams were going to happen and then kissed him. 

Jana asked Kevin if it would be ok if she talked to him again and apologized for pushing him too hard before. Kevin didn't respond so she touched his face and guided him to look at her. She told him she loved him and Kevin flashed into a hallucination of being at Crimson Lights and Jana sitting at a table. He told her he loved her and wanted to be with her but she wasn't responding. Then Chucky Chipmunk showed up and said nobody loved him or wanted him because he was crazy as a loon. He snapped and yelled that he was not but Chucky Chipmunk just laughed at him saying he had a gorgeous babe who loved him and wanted to talk to him but all he could hear was him. Kevin then looked over to Amber pounding on the door and tell him not to listen to Chucky Chipmunk because he was wrong. Flashing back to reality Jana asked Kevin if he heard anything she said and Kevin said "Amber."

Amber and Daniel were starting to make love when there was a knock on their door. Daniel yelled at them to go away but there was another knock and Jana said it was her. Daniel answered the door and she said she was sorry to interrupt but this was important. She started to tell them about going to see Kevin but was hit with another headache. Amber offered to give her some medicine but Jana insisted she was ok. She told them that Kevin was completely unresponsive aside from yelling at her to shut up and then saying Amber's name. She then said that Amber may be the only person who could get through to him.

Amber, Daniel, and Jana arrived to see Kevin and Jana thanked her for doing this. Amber told Jana not to thank her yet. Daniel told Amber to be careful and she went into see Kevin. She told Kevin she heard he was asking for her but Kevin remained unresponsive.

Jana and Daniel waited outside of Kevin's cell for Amber and Jana asked him how they expected Kevin to get any better if he was doped up all the time. Daniel said he didn't know. Jana went onto say that she understood that the DA thought he was dangerous but being locked up like this would remind Kevin of Terrible Tom. Daniel started to get annoyed and said, "probably." Jana continued to harp wondering if the doctors knew that the worst thing to do to someone who's claustrophobic was to put them in a small space. Daniel didn't say anything so Jana asked him if he was cross with her or something. He told her it just seemed like Kevin had taken over Amber's life. Jana asked if he thought she liked begging Amber for help and that she would have done anything for Kevin to ask for her instead of Amber. Daniel said he knew she was right and apologized. Jana said it would be worth it if Amber could get through to Kevin and she had to believe it was going to work out and they all had to be patient.

Inside the cell Amber told Kevin she came there because he said he wanted to talk. She sat next to him and told him not to be afraid and nothing he could say would scare her off. She told him she knew it was easy to lose grip a little but he needed to fight his way back. Kevin flashed back to his hallucination of Crimson Lights where Amber was dancing with Chucky Chipmunk Rodent Boy who told her not to pay any attention to the nut case in the corner. Amber told him that Kevin wasn't crazy he was just a little lost. Chucky Chipmunk said Kevin wasn't lost he was gone and wasn't coming back. Amber ran over to Kevin and said Chucky Chipmunk was wrong and told Kevin not to listen to him because he wasn't real. Chucky Chipmunk asked him how the weather was in lala land and Amber told Kevin to ignore him. He then flashed back to Amber comforting him in the box car and telling him she'd take care of him. He then looked at Amber back in reality and recognized her as there.

Kevin told her the chipmunk told him not to talk to her. She asked if he was afraid of the chipmunk and he nodded. Amber asked who the chipmunk was and Kevin said he didn't know but he can't get away. She told him he can't run from the chipmunk. Kevin said he wouldn't leave him alone. She told him she knew that but the next time he saw the chipmunk he had to face him to see who's behind the mask. He said he didn't want to but she said it was the only way the chipmunk would ever leave him alone. She then asked him to do it for her and he said he would try.


Neil was sitting around upset over Karen leaving when Devon showed up to get some of Anna's things. He told Neil that he would never forget what Neil and Tyra did but he also wouldn't forget what Neil did for Anna.

Lily told Cane that it had been a crazy day and he said she didn't even know the half of it. He confessed that he resigned from Chancellor. When she asked him why he said it was because he was sick of the drama and wanted life to be simple again. Lily responded that sounded like heaven.

Devon finished packing Anna's things and Neil said he was going to miss her. Devon told him he could see Anna anytime he wanted but Neil said it wouldn't be the same. Devon said he knew that Karen had just left but wanted to know what the plan was for Neil and Tyra next. Neil said he didn't have a clue. Devon said he didn't want to see Tyra hurt the same way Karen was and Neil said he didn't either and didn't even recognize the man who did those things. Devon offered to have Neil come back to the house with him for some pie and celebration but Neil said he was going to pass. Devon told him he would save him a piece of pie and left.

Cane told Lily he wanted to wake up in the morning and look forward to his day and not have to bring work home with him but didn't know what sort of job he was going to get. Lily told him he just made a huge decision and couldn't expect to have all the answers and that she had been trying to figure some stuff out too. Cane asked her if she was going to finish college and she said she was she just realized that she missed modeling. He was surprised since she hadn't mentioned it to him before. She told him about Nikki telling her Restless Style could use her and he thought that was great. She said that it looked like they were both starting over and Cane said all he cared about was that they start over together.

Cane came out and looked upset so Lily asked him what was wrong. He said that he had just walked past the nursery. She asked if it was Delia upsetting him and he said it wasn't just that. He reminded her that it was a year ago that they thought Lily was pregnant and then went in for the ultrasound to find out there was no baby. Lily told him she still wanted to have his baby and he asked her if that meant that marriage was back on the table. She told him if he wanted to find out he should ask her. He jumped off the couch and grabbed the ring in excitement. When he returned he got down on one knee and said "wedding proposal take four" then asked Lily if she would please be his wife. She excitedly said yes! He asked her if he could get that in writing and she laughed telling him to shut up and kiss her.

They kissed for a bit and Lily pulled back asking him if he was forgetting something while waving her ring finger around. He popped open the ring box and pulled it out slipping it on her finger and saying it was right where it belonged. He then asked her how she wanted to celebrate and if she wanted to go out but Lily said all she wanted to do was cuddle on the couch and watch Casablanca. He told her that sounded perfect and Lily said first she needed to go tell her dad in person.

Cane went to Crimson Lights to get he and Lily some food and ran into Devon. Cane asked him how Anna was doing and Devon said she was ok but was having mixed emotions. Devon then mentioned that he heard Cane dropped his own custody case. Cane said that he did love Cordelia but realized she needed to be with her mom.

Lily went to see Neil and told him she was so sorry about what he was going through. Neil said he knew there was a good chance he would lose Karen when he stood up in court. Lily said she knew that but being prepared to lose someone doesn't make it any less painful. Neil said after Dru died he was so empty inside and then Karen came along and put a smile on his face again. Neil asked Lily what she came to tell him. She said she could tell him another time but Neil insisted. Lily told him she and Cane were getting married. Neil asked about the custody case and she told him Cane dropped it. Neil asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted and she said she hadn't been more sure about anything else in her life. He told her he was happy for her and gave her a hug.

Neil was alone again in his apartment and flashed back to his wedding with Karen. He then took off his wedding ring and placed it next to hers on the table and stared at them.

Cane gave Lily a day planner with a bookmark to May 15th and asked if that sounded like a good day for a wedding. She got excited and jumped into his arms.


Sharon was getting ready to leave when Nick showed up at her door. She told him he she was fine but Nick didn't believe her. He asked her what was going on and she told him about Noah coming down on her for what happened to Eden. Sharon told him the way Noah looked at her was like she was the world's worst mother. Nick told her she didn't do it on purpose but Sharon said it didn't matter. She said she'd betrayed so many people but Nick said once they knew the circumstances they would understand. She told him she didn't know how that was possible which was why she was going to go to the district attorney and tell them everything. Nick told her there was no way she was going to do that.

Michael told Phyllis and Lauren that the detective wanted to talk to them about the things Sharon stole. He told them that they took pictures off all the things from Sharon's room being held in evidence and wanted them to go through the pictures to see if they recognized anything. Phyllis told him they would and he left.

Michael, Phyllis, and Lauren all sat around looking at the pictures of the stolen items and Phyllis flashed back to raiding Sharon's room and finding them all. She recognized one of the items as Victor's and told them it was very expensive and was used to hide the ring when Victor proposed to Sabrina. She then showed them the picture of the monkey figurine that had been stolen from her home. Lauren said that Sharon was the last person she would have pegged as a shoplifter and Michael asked her if she wanted to press charges. Phyllis said she did and Michael pointed out the monkey figurine wasn't enough to charge Sharon with grand larceny but the items she stole from both Victor and Lauren did. Lauren said it was Fenmore's policy to prosecute shoplifters and Michael asked her if she really wanted to see Sharon behind bars. Phyllis again butted in saying she did and Michael pointed out to her that her reasons were personal to keep Sharon away from Nick.

Sharon told Nick to go and he said she wasn't going to get rid of him that easily. She told him she had to take responsibility and he said there were other ways besides going to prison. She told him she was a thief and didn't deserve any special treatment. Nick asked her if she wanted to be punished and she asked him why he asked that. He said because she was feeling guilty over how Brad died and that bad things happen that are nobody's fault.

Nick told Sharon that she had to do exactly what he told her to do and first of all needed to not talk about it with anyone. Sharon said that people would want to know why she did it. Nick told her she was not some hardened criminal who needed to be locked up but if she needed to do community service to make herself feel better then she should do it. But he continued that she could not go to the DA and tell them to lock her up because she did it. She said she did do it and deserves to be in jail. Nick told her if she wouldn't think about herself then to think about Noah because he needs her.

Michael asked Phyllis if Nick was with Sharon and she said no he was staying with his sister but only time will tell. Lauren asked why he left and Phyllis told her they were always fighting about Sharon. Michael told Phyllis she was kind of obsessed with Sharon. Phyllis blew him off and continued that she was trying to show Nick what a mess Sharon is but everytime he would get mad and defend her. Lauren told her she had always been jealous of Sharon even when there was no reason to be. Phyllis told Lauren about Sharon and Nick sleeping together which shocked her but she then noticed that Michael didn't seem surprised. Michael admitted that Phyllis had confided in him earlier. Phyllis then told them both that it happened again. Michael was surprised by that one. Phyllis started to get sad and said some people would say, "hey that Phyllis is getting what she deserves." Phyllis said the problem was she and Nick still loved each other. Michael pointed out that Phyllis can fight too hard but Phyllis retorted asking what she was supposed to do just sit back and say, "ok sure I don't mind that sharon comes in the middle of our relationship." Lauren told her to take Sharon out of the equation and that what was wrong with them was between the two of them and if she kept making it about Sharon she would lose Nick.

Lauren told Michael she didn't know how he kept it together with all that was going on in his life. Michael cringed about having to deal with Eden and the S-E-X issue. Lauren told him she'd already talked to her about it. Michael then said to answer her question about how he kept it together the answer was her. Lauren kissed him and gave him a hug.

Sharon noticed them and came over to talk. She told Lauren that she knew she owed her an explanation and would love to get into it. But before she could say why she couldn't Michael assumed it was because she advised to stay quiet. She confirmed that but said as soon as she could she would explain everything. Lauren told her what she really wanted to know what why she let Eden take the rap for stealing the books. Sharon told her at the time she'd had no idea what had happened. Lauren didn't believe her and couldn't understand how she didn't know and Sharon looked confused.

Phyllis went to see Nick and he asked what she was doing there. She said Victoria told her he was working and she decided to come by. She told him he should come home because Summer missed him. He told her that's why he was staying at the ranch to be close to her. Phyllis told him that wasn't the same thing but he said he told her he would come by every night and he would. She said that was cool but she wanted to know how they could talk if he wasn't there. He said that's why he left because they couldn't talk without yelling at each other. Phyllis said maybe it would be different this time and Nick asked her not to do this because he needed space. But Phyllis said she needed and wanted Nick to come home.

Lauren asked Sharon if she had any idea what kind of effect an arrest could have on a young person's life and that Eden's life could have been ruined because of this. Sharon said she was sorry and Lauren said she would be sorry because she was going to press charges.

Nick and Phyllis went into his office and she told him she wasn't pressuring him. He said that's not what it seemed like to him and she said she wasn't she just thought if he didn't come home that night it would be the beginning of the end for them. Nick asked if she was giving him an ultimatum and she said she wasn't. She said she was scared and he said he was too. She said she thought everything was slipping away and didn't know what to do about it. Nick said it wasn't that simple for him so if she was telling him that he had to go home right that minute to fight for their marriage then the answer was no.

Coming up tomorrow....

Kevin is holding his hands to his ears and rocking back and forth and Michael is yelling at him "wrong about what? who are you talking to? what do you want me to do?"

Phyllis tells Sharon she doesn't see the person she was looking for and starts to leave but Sharon stops her and tells her to wait a minute that they need to get a couple of things straight first.

Question for today....

Who is currently being the most insensitive prick?

A.) Nick because he thinks that he's the injured party in the whole argument with Phyllis when he's the one who cheated on her.

B.) Neil because he cheated on Karen and took Tyra's side in the paternity case

C.) Daniel because Kevin is his best friend and Amber's only trying to help him

D.) Other