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Turbo Talk: AMC's Jamie Luner Chats With The Advocate

Boy oh Boy, All My Children's new game changer, Jamie "No Ass Kisser" Luner,aka Turbo, sure is making the media rounds.The primetime superstar—she was on those last two years of Melrose Place no one watched—sat down with Michael Fairman for Hmm, maybe in addition to now being a flame-haired lawyer, Liza will also turn out to be one of those angry lesbians who bounces back and forth like that Ann Heche? At any rate, here's how she explains how and why she was woefully miscast in Marcy Walker's breakout role:


AMChead writer Chuck Pratt and you worked together before on Melrose Place. He wrote the prime-time soap, and you starred as Lexi. So, how did that figure into the equation of you getting the role of Liza Colby?

They say it’s cliché, but timing is everything. I had put a phone call into Chuck and he actually answered his phone at that moment, which was bizarre. I said, “It’s Jamie.” And he goes, “Oh, my God! How did you get my number and what do you want?” I said, “I was reaching out and wanted to see you and grab a cup of coffee.” He said he would call me back. So a couple of hours later he called and said to me, “You don’t know how weird your timing is. I was just on a pitch meeting phone call, and they were trying to figure out how to recast the role of Liza and you called!” It’s really weird. And then the people in the pitch meeting were like, “Oh, my God! She would be perfect.” So they asked me to lunch. I met with Brian Frons (president of ABC Daytime and SOAPnet) and Chuck. They told me the backstory, and it was certainly a character that was right up my alley. It certainly was a good fit as far as the timing in my life. I was certainly ready for a change and move. The timing was perfect all around and it was meant to be."

I wonder if Pratt has a long story planned for her? He certainly didn't have one for Eden Riegel. Much like our podcast host Luke Kerr, Pratt likes to make things up as he goes along. While that can sometimes make for a fun podcast, it results in an absolutely shiteous (Perez Hilton TM) hour of television. I don't care if Pratt books Heather Locklear in a dual role as Ruth and Bobby Martin,if Mr. Personality hasn't bothered to sit his ass down in front of a laptop and pen a story for her, it won't matter one hill of beans who he casts.

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Seriously, this has nothing to do with Luner. I absolutely loved her as Savannah's saucy Peyton, and think she would have made a killer Skye Chandler Quartermaine—Liza, no way in high hell— but if AMC really expects fans to jump up and down and pooh in our diapers because of Pratt's cell phone casting coupe, while dissing the stars we already adore, they another thing coming. Like the ladies behind AMC: Pratt Falls say, a fan without hope, is a fan without fear.