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Wishful Casting: Amber Tamblyn as Emily Bowen Quartermaine

In the interest of seizing the opportunity, with Amber Tamblyn's latest primetime vehicle sinking faster than Chuck Pratt's approval rating—or I.Q. for that matter— I say Brian Frons get on the horn and ask Tamblyn to reprise the role that made her famous, General Hospital'sEmily Bowen Quartermaine.

Since Bad Granny (Constance Towers) is in town for a spell, why can't GH simply say she's been holding the real Emily captive, before slicing NotEmily's throat, as part of Guza's next Sweeps fartacular? I'm sure GH fans would turn a blind eye to Emily suddenly having her original face, the way One Life to Live viewers did when Max Holden came back with his old kisser, or when Amerasian Blair Daimler suddenly became white and from the South.

I have always been fond of Natalia Livingston, but like all the Luckys after Jonathan Jackson, she's a pretender to the throne. All of Emily's quirk and spunk left with Tamblyn, and this Q fan wants some of that action back! So what are you waiting for Fronsie? Get Tamblyn back in Port Charles before she ends up agreeing to Sisterhood of the Traveling Vagina Monologues About How He's Just Not That Into You, or worse, another costly series for ABC primetime to produce, pimp, promote and then kill next season. I'm sure Disney's shareholders will thank you! I know I will.

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