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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Let the Games Begin

Here's what happened today in the crazy world of Salem...


The Hospital: Philip flat lines and a hysterical Stephanie takes a break from crying to eventually call for help. Dr. Dan and some other medical staff come in and try to revive him. One of the other doctors gets Stephanie to leave so they can help Philip.

Meanwhile, near the nurses’ desk, Stefano and Victor continue their argument from yesterday and just things are reaching their boiling point Kate arrives and breaks the two of them up. She demands to know what’s going on and why Brady called her. Stefano moves away and Victor tells her that Philip was shot and is in critical condition. Kate wants to know if Philip will be okay and Victor says that no one knows for sure.

Later, Kate tries to call Lucas but can’t reach him and remembers he’s in a meeting with designers. (When did Lucas become the design king of the show? Did I miss something one day when I was hitting the FF button?) Stefano finds his way back over to Kate and Victor and tells Kate he is sorry for what has happened to Philip and that he came to pay his respects. This sets Victor off again and he tells Stefano to get out of there while he can still walk. Kate wants to know what’s going on between them, but before Victor can explain, Bo arrives. Bo wants to know what’s going on too and Victor explains that Stefano put a hit on Philip. Stefano starts denying it and he and Victor start another yelling match until Bo tells them both to shut up. Bo says he needs to ask some questions and Victor tells him that Philip was shot by someone using a silencer and both he and Bo look at Stefano, who gets defensive again. This leads to more arguing and Bo yelling shut up again. Stephanie comes in and yells at them all, asking if anybody cares at all about Philip. That seems to shut everyone up – for the moment. Stephanie explains what happened in Philip’s hotel room and then breaks down again as Bo comforts her. (And I remember that her Uncle Bo is her boyfriend’s half-brother. Damn, this show is so incestuous! Loll!)

Meanwhile, in Philip’s hospital room, some nobody doctor keeps trying to convince Dr. Dan to give up because Philip’s not going to make it and Dr. Dan disagrees and then turns to Philip and tells him not to give up.

Back in the waiting area, Bo, Kate, Victor and Stephanie wait for news. Kate insists that Philip’s going to win this fight. Bo gets off the phone and tells Victor that his men are going over the hotel room right now and that he wants to keep Philip protected until they know what happened. Victor tells Bo they know what happened – Stefano put a hit out on him. (Well, he wasn’t exactly as polite as me, but you get the idea –lol!) Stefano tells him he doesn’t appreciate the accusations and Victor starts losing it on Stefano again until Bo calms him down.

Then, Dr. Dan comes out and tells them they managed to get Philip’s heart started again and that right now he’s stable, but they’re concerned about the possibility of internal bleeding. Kate asks if they can go and see him but Daniel tells them right now he’s not stable enough for that. Victor and Kate thank him and Daniel reassures Kate that he’s doing everything he can.

Bo walks over to Stephanie and asks if she’s okay enough to answer questions. Stephanie explains and Bo asks her to look at some photos, once Philip is out of the woods, to see if she can ID the guy. Chloe arrives and asks for news. Stephanie stands up and tells her and then Chloe gives her a hug.

Meanwhile, Stefano walks over to Kate and tries to say something, but Kate cuts him off with a slap across the face. (Personally, I think Stefano’s lucky that’s all she did.) Kate starts yelling at him and asks him how he could do this to her. He tries to deny it but she walks away. Stefano follows her but she’s not interested in anything he has to say. She shouts that he betrayed her and tells him that he is dead to her. She yells at him to leave but Bo walks in and tells them he needs to ask a few questions first. Kate tells him Stefano is all his and leaves. Bo asks if Stefano contacted anyone on his cellphone during the ceremony. Stefano doesn’t answer and Bo tells him he might as well tell him because he’ll find out anyway with a little help from technology. Stefano still refuses to answer and instead talks around the issue. Then, he puts Bo in his place saying he didn’t stay because Bo told him to but because of Kate and since Bo and Victor have obviously turned her against him, he’s leaving and Bo can talk to his lawyer. As Stefano leaves, Bo shakes his head and mutters, “Let the games begin.” (Let’s hope so, but with this writer you never know do you!)

Outside Philip’s room, Daniel gets some test results back. Victor asks Daniel to be honest about what’s wrong with Philip and Kate and Stephanie move over to them wanting to know the same. Daniel tells them he’s having the tests redone, but right now it looks like there could be a serious complication. (Is it a bad writing complication? Because I really hate those!)

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The Church: Nicole wonders what’s taking EJ so long and Chloe tries to reassure her that he probably just got hung up. Nicole keeps trying to go out and find EJ but Chloe convinces her that she should give EJ some space. Chloe comments that it looks like Nicole is always waiting for something bad to happen but she doesn’t need to worry since her and EJ are married now. (Because apparently once you get married all your problems go away! I guess having a marriage certificate is better than having a magic wand!) Nicole agrees and they start to talk about the reception which prompts Nicole to finally remember that Philip was shot and hey, maybe she should let Chloe know about it. Chloe can’t believe Nicole didn’t tell her sooner. (I can –lol!) Chloe wonders who would shoot Philip and Nicole tells her no one knows. (Well, that’s not exactly true…) Chloe tries to call Lucas but she can’t reach him either so she leaves a message. (Those designers sure are keeping him busy!) She tells Nicole she’s going to go to the hospital and that she’ll call Nicole when she hears anything. Then, she leaves.

While Nicole and Sydney continue to wait in the church for EJ, Nicole calls the caterers at Chez Rouge to put everything on hold for the reception. When she hangs up, she’s surprised that EJ hasn’t already done that and wonders where he is again.

Meanwhile, in the vestibule, Sami demands that EJ tell the truth about being behind Philip’s shooting. EJ says that he will if she tells the truth about why she interrupted the wedding. He says he knows but just wants her to admit the truth. A worried Sami looks at Grace as EJ says that the reason she stopped the wedding had nothing to do with him and Nicole and everything to with him and Sami. Sami tries to pull the “because of Johnny” card on EJ but he’s not buying that story today. He continues demand to know why she came to the wedding and Sami keeps refusing to tell him. EJ tells her they have a bond besides their connection because of Johnny. Sami wants to know what he wants. EJ explains that when she came back from witness protection they both felt the connection between them and thinks that she was impulsive about her feelings and that’s why she came to stop the wedding. EJ tells her to just be honest. (Sami and honesty - lmao!) He says that there was once a time that he cared about her and that he loved her so much but he and Nicole are married now. Sami tries to get him to stop babbling and eventually just yells at him, “Stop! You’re out of you’re freaking mind!” (Maybe these two should go look for his mind – I’m very concerned that Stefano put his on a disc somewhere too.) Sami let’s EJ have it for thinking she was trying to stop the wedding because she’s still in love with him. (I love watching these two argue.) A confused EJ wants to know why she tried to stop the wedding then. (So, does this EJami fan! I guess she just wanted to tell you about the baby at the most dramatic moment possible – that’s it… right…)

EJ and Sami start talking in circles again. EJ says he wants the truth again and Sami replies that she doesn’t always have a good reason for the things that she does and maybe she just wanted a cheap thrill. She starts to leave again and EJ tells her to stop and just tell him the truth. Sami tells him she is thrilled to know who he really is and what he’s really capable of – that she knows he and Stefano are behind what happened to her brother, Brady, (did they change that history too while I was sleeping?) and what happened to Philip. She adds that she’s glad that the man they hired had a bad shot. EJ is confused and she tells him that Philip is alive. EJ tries to hide his surprise and pretend that it’s good news. Sami’s not buying it and tells him that the police are going to be on to him and if they don’t get him first, Victor will. EJ continues trying to deny any involvement but Sami’s had enough and says, “Good Luck, EJ.” Then she pushes Grace’s carriage out the door and leaves. EJ chases after her calling her name.

Meanwhile, Nicole gets tired of waiting for EJ and takes Sydney into the vestibule to go looking for EJ. She just misses Sami and EJ turns around in surprise and looks totally busted. Nicole asks him why he was out here so long and who he was talking to and EJ covers saying he was talking to various families as they left. Nicole busts him on the fact one of them had already left but EJ just claims to be mixed up because of his excitement over the wedding. (Yep, he was soooo excited about getting married he wanted another woman to tell him she loved him. God, this show gives me a headache sometimes!)

Then, EJ tells her they might have to cancel the reception and Nicole says she understands. Sydney replies by eating Nicole’s pearls. (This kid is too cute.) EJ also brings up the fact that people are already jumping to conclusions about the DiMera’s being behind the shooting. Nicole says she doesn’t care what people think and if they insult the DiMera’s they are insulting her too. EJ smiles guiltily and then says they should go. Nicole goes back into the church to get their stuff. While, EJ’s waiting, he calls Stefano and cryptically leaves a message saying that their package didn’t arrive on time but not to worry because if it doesn’t get their on it’s own he take care of it personally. (Does this mean he’s officially back on the dark side of the force?) Nicole walks back into the vestibule and over hears the end of the message.

Sami’s Penthouse: Sami apologizes to Grace for dragging her all around town. She says it’s a good thing she found out the truth about EJ before she told him the truth. Will walks in and wants to know “the truth about what?” and Sami covers with some lame lie about how ugly Nicole’s dress was. Will wants to know why she changed her mind and went to the wedding and she says she just decided to drop by. Will tells her Rafe dropped by and hands her the St. Christopher metal. She asks Will if Rafe said anything when he dropped off the medal. Will says he doesn’t remember and leaves to head for the batting cages. Sami looks at the medal and flashes back to her and Rafe kissing outside the pub and wonder if Rafe still cares about her. (And I wonder if I can leave with Will. I feel the need to hit something with a baseball bat too.) Sami continues to play with the medal for a minute and then decides to call Rafe but discovers the number has been disconnected.

On the Next Days: Sitting at Java, Bo tells Stefano, "You even look at my brother the wrong way, I'll put the last nail in your damn coffin." (Quick Question: Why is Stefano at the local coffee joint chatting it up with Bo? Just asking…)

At the hospital, Victor says, "He's the doctor we have to trust him." An upset Kate insists, "No, I don't."

Nicole looks around the mansion and tells EJ, "I don't think I can live like this."

Stephanie cries at Philip’s bedside, "I love you, Phillip. Just come back to me, please!"

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