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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: The One at the Coffee House

Kate/Victor/Philip/Stephanie/Chloe/Lucas/Daniel: At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate, Victor, Stephanie and Chloe that the test results are showing that Philip’s blood is having problems clotting. Lucas’ meeting with designers must have ended early or the writers forgot about that excuse because he shows up at the hospital after leaving Allie with Caroline. Daniel continues explaining Philip’s condition and tells them that there is an experimental treatment that can help. Victor is all for trying it but Kate freaks out on Daniel and says she can’t trust him. Lucas goes over to her and talks her down. Kate finally agrees to hear Dr. Dan out. He tells them that he wants to induce hypothermia to see if that helps. Kate and Victor agree to the experimental procedure. I’m not exactly sure how hypothermia will help his blood clot and the show doesn’t really seem like explaining it either. But this is the show that gave us a partial pancreatic transplant so I guess I should just let it go!


Victor pulls Kate aside. He tells her she has to put aside her feeling about Daniel and trust his ability as a doctor. Kate says she knows but she’s just really worried about Philip. Kate promises that if Philip pulls through she’s going to behave herself and put aside her plans for Chloe. She says if Philp survives she’s going to forgive everything because life is too short. Which leaves me wondering, where the fun in that is - oh well.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Chloe comfort each other as Stephanie watches Daniel start the procedure on Philip. Daniel walks out of Philip’s room. Everyone rushes over and asks how Philip’s doing. Daniel tells them they still don’t know anything yet.

Stephanie goes into see Philip. She asks Daniel if it’s a good idea for her to be in there since the last time she was there Philip started flat lining. Daniel tells her that hearing her voice will probably be the best medicine for him. He leaves. Stephanie tells Philip how much she loves him and begs him not to leave her. The machines start beeping and Philip wakes up and tells her he loves her.

After Daniel checks in on Philip, he goes out and tells everyone else the good news and they all celebrate. Kate, Victor and Lucas go in to see Philip and let him know how worried they were and how much they love him. Victor tells Philip that they’re in this together - which Kate doesn’t seem to like too much.

Later, a clueless Lucas interrupts Chloe and Daniel making eyes at each other and telling each other they just want the other to be happy. Lucas embarrasses himself as he goes on and on about how great Daniel is and thanks him for helping Philip. Chloe tries to get Lucas out of there by getting him to go with her to try and call Austin again.

Stephanie goes back into see Philip. He doesn’t remember the shooting so she tells him what happened. He’s worried about her getting hurt around him and tells her to leave. She refuses. She says she loves him and she almost lost him today, so she’s not going anywhere. Then they kiss.

In a waiting area, Kate tells Victor she doesn’t like how he’s talking and how he seems intent on continuing this mess with the DiMeras. Victor tells her that he will do what he has to do to protect his family, especially Philip. Kate gets tired of arguing with him and says she’s going for a walk. When she’s gone, Victor calls someone on his cell phone and tells them to let him know when DiMera leaves and then he’ll give the person more orders.

Nicole/EJ/Stefano: At the church, Nicole over hears EJ leaving the message for Stefano, saying that he’ll take care of the problem himself. She puts on a smile and brings Sydney over to him. He takes the car seat from her and they go home.

At the mansion, EJ carries Nicole over the threshold of the front door. They’re all smiles until Nicole sees a man outside watching them and freaks out. EJ explains that the man is security and that they need protection because of what happened to Philip. Nicole is really uncomfortable about the guards and tells EJ she’s not sure she can do this. He reminds her it’s a little late to back out now and that she knew what she was getting herself into when she was begging him to marry her. Ouch! He tells her that he’ll never let anyone lay a finger on her or Sydney and apologizes for being harsh with her. He tells her he loves her and she smiles and says she loves him too, but she’s worried about Sydney. EJ says, Sydney will be fine because she has two parents that love her and then suggests they try again. He takes her back outside and carries her over the threshold. Then they get really mushy and kissy.

Nicole and EJ go into the house and enjoy some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries together. While they’re celebrating, EJ gives Nicole some flashy diamond earrings. They’re intimate moment is briefly interrupted by Stefano calling. Stefano tells EJ that Philip is doing better and this has to be taken care of immediately and this time no mistakes. EJ tells him he’ll take care of it in the morning and then he and Nicole get back to kissing. Then, they start dancing and Nicole says she’s glad that they’re reception ended up this way with just the two of them alone together.

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Stefano/Bo: In order to make us all scratch our heads a little, Stefano gets his usual at the Java Café and runs into Bo. Bo gets Stefano to sit down and questions him some more about Philip’s shooting. Stefano doesn’t give him any new information and Bo tells him that if really loved Tony he would honor his memory by letting go of all this hate. Stefano tells Bo that he knew nothing about Tony and what he would want. Bo reminds him that Tony was a good person who wanted nothing to do with the DiMera life style. Then he threatens Stefano saying, "If you're not willing to back off for Tony's sake, to honor his memory by behaving with some decency and compassion for once in your life, know this -- you didn't succeed in putting Philip in his coffin the first time. You try again... you even look at my brother the wrong way... I will put the last nail in your damn coffin." Damn, Bo gets hot when he lets out his inner Kiriakis! Stefano asks if Bo is through now, so he can enjoy his latte. Bo tells him to enjoy and walks away.

When Stefano thinks Bo’s gone, he calls his man at the Kiriakis mansion and asks for an update. The mysterious man tells him that he heard Henderson say that Philip was doing better. This news prompts Stefano to call EJ and tell him they still need to take care of Philip. When he hangs up, out pops Bo from behind some shelves. He tells Stefano that he over heard his conversation and it’s time for him start talking. Personally, I think Stefano’s done enough talking. I can’t believe he fell for that! I guess he’s slipping in his old age.

Stefano tells Bo he has an overactive imagination. Bo says he has probable cause and that he plans to bring EJ in for questioning. Stefano tells him he’ll tell Bo a straight story and then proceeds to give Bo the itinerary for EJ and Nicole’s honeymoon. He tells him that if he wants to question EJ he’ll have to go find him there. A little too easily, Bo suddenly agrees with Stefano and tells him he has nothing on Stefano and leaves.

The End of the Episode: After his run in with Stefano, Bo returns to the hospital and tells Stephanie he heard the good news about Philip. A relieved Stephanie smiles and they hug.

Meanwhile, over at the DiMera mansion, Nicole and EJ go upstairs and start consummating their marriage but are interrupted by a noise. EJ goes down to see who it is and finds Stefano. Stefano doesn’t look so hot and EJ asks if anything is wrong. Stefano says he’s fine and tells EJ to go back up stairs.

Back at the hospital, Victor goes in to see Philip again and tells Philip he has nothing to worry about, he’s safe but the DiMera’s aren’t. Philip looks tired and Victor tells him to close his eyes and get some rest. Then, as Victor proceeds to speak to Philip softly in Greek, the show cuts to the DiMera mansion, where EJ and Nicole get back to their fun upstairs, as Stefano walks around downstairs, grabbing his chest and knocking over the chessboard as he collapses.

On the next Days of Our Lives: At the hospital, Victor tells Brady, "This is just the beginning, Brady. That son of a bitch is gonna rue the day he ever tried to screw with my family." 

On the phone with Mia, Nicole asks, "What do you want?"Mia replies, "To see my baby -- now."

Sami runs out of the pub saying, " It better not be too late."

Rafe talking to himself at the airport says, "You got to let her go, Rafe. Let her go."

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