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DC #396: ABC Twitterpated

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Regan and Tina discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:


Jamie Luner makes her Pine Valley debut. Chuck Pratt blames his writing woes on Eden Riegel. Pratt Falls, the series, debuts in reaction to Pratt's comments. Bobbie Eakes has a connection to cult hit Sordid Lives.

Helena Cassadine returned to torment the citizens of Port Charles. As a fan of all things Cassadine - except Sam McCall - Luke is ecstatic, but are Jamey, Tina and Regan? Billy Dee Williams returns to the "hospital" in General Hospital, but why? General Hospital is set to debut in HD and the filming is looking better, with the exception of a few people who look like they hit a bad tanning booth. Tristan Rogers believes that General Hospital: Night Shift was the pathway to the future. Why is it that stars like Rogers and the majority of fans understand what is going on, but the executives don't?

Talia becomes the latest victim of One Life to Lives' serial killer, wouldn't it be nice if it were Stacy? Viki provides advice to Clint. Should Viki be Llanview's "talk to" or should she be driving story? Jared and Natalie are protecting Chloe's identity. How long can this last before it comes out? Could Destiny's brother be the rumored love interest for Rachel Gannon?

All this and much more on today's twitterpated ABC episode.

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