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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I loved the Alexis/Robin scene. If I can't have an Anna/Robin scene, then I'll take this instead. I'm glad Alexis is being given some decent story time, with notEmily, then Jax and then Robin.

Now here's Jerry, who apparently let himself into the well protected Corinthos house for some insane reason. Ironic that Dumb and Dumber are out looking for Jerry and he's in Dumber's house.

Jason/Maxie: It was a very strange scene between them. I hate when Maxie's talking about Spinelli and gets that high pitched voice. It just turns her into a bit of a ditz. Having said that, I loved her in that red sweater. Wardrobe has been loving Kirsten Storms lately.

Another one who was looking beautiful was Lulu. Whatever they did to her hair really complimented her. And I found it funny that she shows up at dear old dad's work to get a chair and Luke doesn't bat an eye and ask her why she needs one. I'm actually tolerating this post breakup-fighting with Maxie and Lulu.

Tracy/Luke: Here's a crazy thought, get a DNA test. I'm sure they have Ethan's DNA on something in the bar. Just get it tested and find out if he's a Spencer or not.

I hate that Robin lied about the appointment with her therapist. *heavy sigh*

Interesting Jason/Jax conversation. I hate that somehow, with Claudia hiring Devlin and Jerry fascilitating everything, somehow, Jax will become the bad guy in all of this. I did like that Jax mentioned the DVD to Jason, because that should prove that Ric was telling the truth about the DVD.

Did I hear correctly? When Jax was talking on the phone to the baby store, did he mention having bought TWELVE sets of crib sheets? You know, if you do laundry once in a while, like say, once a week, you don't need twelve sets. Just saying.