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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.23.09

I mentioned Sonny getting a little too concerned about Carly’s pregnancy. Jax has some issues with it and what has Sonny’s panties in such a bunch? Doesn’t he have his own expectant wife to worry about? Apparently Sonny finds out about Carly’s “condition” and it doesn’t sit well with her former spouse. Will Jax and Sonny duke it out? Are some “classic” Jason, Carly and Sonny scenes coming are way? Maybe. My roomie brought up a great point yesterday. Why is this “condition” cause for such concern? Wasn’t Carly pregnant last year with no mention of said “condition?” Now, I fully admit my GH watching is not as intense as it once was –that’s what happens when I’m bored to sleep while watching – so I may have missed the explanation. Fill me in on what I may have missed.


I’m not a huge fan of secrets. Some are understandable and soap opera basics but when there are far too many secrets on one show they all seem to get lost in the shuffle. Jax SHOULDN’T be in the dark about Carly’s “condition” for too long. He MAY even find out next week that his wife is suffering from a potentially life threatening complication to her pregnancy. Thank you to whoever made the decision to let that cat out of the bag. Can we also let a few more out while we’re at it?

Murder Mystery… It’s been out there and is SUPPOSED to involve the Scorpio-Drakes to some degree. What do Scrubs have to do with a murder mystery? Isn’t that more of a mob thing? RUMORS seem to suggest that Robin and Patrick MAY be covering for whomever the suspect or potential suspect is. COULD this be a murder mystery within the halls of General Hospital? We’ve seen some good ones in the past that involved the hospital.

Intervention… After the save from the stroller coaster ride Patrick learns Robin has ditched her meds. He’ll organize an intervention to get through to his wife. This SHOULD be when Robin throws that mommy issue dig Maxie’s way. Elizabeth, Matt, Maxie, Kelly Lee, Mac and Robin’s therapist are all said to be there.

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Is Matt moving in? There has been TALK that Matt is moving in with his big brother Patrick while Robin seeks treatment for her Postpartum Depression. Two men and a baby? We all know how Guza loves to rip off movies. Can the Drake boys handle a little baby?

LL2 Re-do… I’ve been pretty honest about how I feel about this one. I’m sure most think it’s because of my Liason love. It’s not, at least not entirely. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I liked it when they hooked Greg Vaughan’s Lucky up with Elizabeth after her return from having Cameron. The scenes were sweet and almost reminiscent of the original LL2, almost. This time around, it’s not tried and true for me it’s tried and tried out. Especially when we sat through the pair declaring that they both needed to move on and stay committed parents to the boys after the toxic ball crap. Now we’re supposed to believe that their love deserves yet another chance? It’s stale and it’s boring and I just don’t want to see it.

Dante… If and when this boy hits town there are RUMORS that what Olivia tried to keep him away from is what he’s mixed up in. The mob. I’m with Jamey to a certain degree. The mob has always had its place in Port Chuck and I realize that with Dante being a Corinthos, the mob connection is inevitable. HOWEVER, can we not have him as this hoodlum coming to town despite the stories his mother’s been telling us? I could almost get on board if Olivia had mentioned that despite her keeping Dante away from his father the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. RUMORS have long said that Dante and Michael will be at odds and those RUMORS seem to still be holding true – well as true as RUMORS can be- as it looks like the brothers won’t be feeling so brotherly.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Nikolas and NotEmily… Still seeing TALK that the pair does the deed. There’s also that Elizabeth – Nikolas kiss and Nik not liking what he sees between Lucky and Rebecca. Is Rebecca left alone in the haunted castle? More mysterious Rebecca Shaw phone calls. Ethan and Luke… Will Ethan agree to the DNA test? Claudia wants to know if her hubby is still holding a torch for his ex and no it’s not Kate. Where the hell is Kate these days? Maxie tries to seduce Spinelli. Olivia has a warning for Claudia. Does Jax have an offer for Claudia?