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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Jackie Pushes Owen to Bridget

Jackie/Owen/Bridget: What more can be said about our gal Bridget Forrester? She's beautiful and intelligent, but I have to wonder where her common sense is. Owen and Jackie were redressing and debating the merits of going out or staying in. Owen had worked up a ravenous appetite and wanted to head out for some chow. Jackie, on the other hand, was reluctant to be out in public so she wanted to order in. Owen prevailed and to anchor their working relationship, he grabbed some file folders as they headed out the door. Good thinking, 'cause everybody works really late into the night from the bosses apartment.

Unbeknownst to our May-December couple, Bridget was at the door ready to knock. "O-O-Owen, w-w-what are YOU doing here?", she questioned. Jackie and Owen were caught working late and Bridget was so impressed with his work ethic. Wow, could she be this dense? Yes and it gets better. While chattering away about the fashion show, she wandered over to the bathtub with two wet towels thrown over it and commented that Jackie's tub was certainly in an impressive spot and that she loved her new digs. Owen and Jackie pulled a fast one on Bridget that's for sure.


During the course of their conversation, Bridget mentioned how grateful she was to Jackie for standing by her when her latest marriage to Nick collapsed. Jackie returned the warm fuzzies when she stated she was honored to have Bridget as a friend. Since Bridget was as hungry as Owen, Jackie suggested that they go to dinner together. Owen was quite confused, but he relented and took Bridget out. When the apartment was empty, Jackie told us her sneaky plan to reunite Bridget and Nick. She thought out loud that Owen was a fine example of masculinity and it might be the ticket to make Nick jealous enough to want Bridget back and get him away from "that black widow." Yeah, she really said that.

Rick/Ridge/Taylor/Steffy:  Ridge was gunning onto the runway at full speed as Rick urged the pilot to take off, but he couldn't do it. The pilot stopped the plane and Taylor boarded long enough to take Steffy back home. Rick drank champagne and chewed quite loudly on strawberries while he put on his cocky hat and bragged to Ridge that Steffy would never believe that Rick meant anything he said on the recorder. They exchanged heated words, again. Rick's best comment came when he said that Steffy would continue to "ride the Rick train and she's never getting off. Choooo choooo chugga chugga." If Rick ever deserved to be flattened, it was then.

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Meanwhile, Taylor played the recording for Steffy and stopped it for commentary. Steffy rejected the commentary and Taylor played more. This went back and forth until Steffy had enough and headed for the door. As she opened the door, she heard Rick say that their relationship wasn't about love, it was about revenge and that Ridge would lose another daughter. Taylor tried to comfort her, but she insisted on calling Rick to the house. Once he arrived, she told her folks to take a hike and confronted Rick. He pleaded that he loves her and she stared at him with a blank face as the screen faded to black.