The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Steffy Confronts Rick


Taylor and Ridge hid out upstairs, while their slonkey daughter blasted Rick's ass downstairs. The drama continued to unfold as Steffy tried to make heads or tails of the recorded conversation that Ridge made. Rick insisted that he was set up and provoked by Ridge. Steffy did not believe him and played the recording of Rick's utter disrespect for her and her father. Rick is a bit too old to be playing the "your dad made my mom and me miserable our entire lives" card, especially since Brooke is married to the guy, but you can't blame Rick for trying! Steffy insisted on knowing what her father said, or did, to provoke such ugly, hateful words.


She waivered a bit until the last part was played and she realized that the man she marries has to love HER and look at HER on their wedding day, not her father. Ummmm, maybe I should rephrase that? I mean, Ridge and Thomas might be feeling a bit left out since they haven't ridden the Rick train. Choo choo, chugga chugga.

Taylor and Ridge were hunkered down in a remote mansion bedroom fretting about how things would turn out. Ridge had faith that they raised their daughter to respect herself and not fall for every charming guy that talks to her...*cough Marcus* or *cough Rick*. Taylor told Ridge that she was grateful and thankful for helping her through this extremely difficult time. 'Cause it's all about Taylor, not her daughter. Taylor is a psychiatrist, but to me she shows immense weakness at times. I know this isn't the way she was before, maybe death changed her.

Downstairs, Rick admitted what a tool he was, but it was because Ridge brought out the worst in him and he realizes that he hates himself more than anyone. His all-consuming self hatred is what came out and he feels that Steffy can help him change and accept himself. He begged for forgiveness and pleaded for one more chance. Steffy's blank face said it all. What will she do?

Brooke/Donna/Katie: The Logan gals made an appearance. Brooke was suddenly upset about the whereabouts of her dashing destiny man Ridge. Donna and Katie informed her that Taylor swooped in and whisked him away. Brooke said that Taylor has been relying on Ridge more since Phoebe died and his distraction with Rick has creeped into their bedroom. I guess there was ONE night when Ridge wanted a break, so Donna piped up about how her honey bear needs a pill. Seriously, this entire scene was a throwaway. It was pointless. It could have had value if Brooke were truly concerned about Ridge's obsession with Rick and Steffy, or even Taylor. To have it reduced to Donna's comedy was life I'll never get back. Luke blogged how Donna earned the Quote of the Day and you can read his comments HERE.