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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Marge's Memorial

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Ok after three tries and threatening to throw my computer against the wall if it didn't behave, I finally have your recap. Just so you guys know I am going out of town for my birthday on Saturday, so I won't be posting recaps again until Tuesday.



At the diner Katherine, Murphy, Nikki, and Mac prepared for Marge's memorial. As Katherine was fighting with the flowers Amber showed up. Katherine asked her how her visit went with Kevin and she told her she felt she'd made some progress with him.

Katherine introduced Mackenzie and Amber and they were both excited to meet each other. They went to get a drink and Murphy came over to check on Katherine. She said she was doing great but was sad that Marge didn't get her happy ending that she deserved.

Katherine started the memorial and all of Marge's friends spoke of her fighting spirit and indominable determination. Katherine said that Marge saved her life and she'd miss thanking her for that as well as being her friend, her courage, and the memories she left behind.

Paul showed up just as everyone was standing around talking about their memories of Marge. Katherine and Murphy told them they had set their wedding date as May 1st. Amber asked if she could design the wedding dress and Katherine told her she could and to talk to Mac about the details of the wedding. Mac and Amber started discussing but Amber went on a tyrade of a butterfly theme complete with wings on the dresses and Mac amusingly got flustered not knowing what to say. Gloria showed up at Marge's memorial and asked Katherine to help Kevin.

Katherine said she'd love to help Kevin and Gloria said there had to be someone she could call like a doctor or a judge. Michael came in and asked her what she was doing there. Murphy said she was worried about Kevin. Katherine said maybe there was someone she could call but Michael said Kevin was considered dangerous as long as he was still under suspicion for killing Clint. Paul told them Kevin didn't do it that's why he called Michael over there. He said Clint died from a massive heart attack and no foul play was suspected. Paul said Kevin still wasn't off the hook with all the other things he was charged with and Michael responded that they needed to find eye witnesses to the torture Kevin endured such as Roger and Annie Wilkes. Amber then remembered that Kevin told her they'd gone to Canada.


Michael went to see Kevin and asked him how his visit with Amber went. When Kevin was unresponsive he got closer and told Kevin he could talk to him and nothing bad would happen if he did because Michael would keep him safe. But when Kevin looked at him he saw Chucky Chipmunk who said Michael couldn't protect him. Kevin told the Chipmunk he was wrong because Michael had done it before and could do it again. The Chipmunk laughed and said he was nuts which led Kevin to cover his ears and yell NO! Michael asked him what he was wrong about, who he was talking to, and what he wanted him to do but Kevin was unable to answer. Michael begged Kevin to let him fight it with him but again got no response. Michael decided to leave and after he'd shut the door Kevin said to wait and not go but Michael was already gone.

Gloria and Jeffrey joined Michael outside of Kevin's cell and asked how he was doing. Michael said the doctor's were encouraged after Kevin opened up to Amber. Gloria asked if he'd been more responsive to him and Michael said not really. He realized he had a meeting and said he had to leave and Gloria offered to stay with Kevin. Michael asked her to try and pry Kevin out and get him to tell her who the Chipmunk represented because that could be the key to his recovery.

Gloria came out of Kevin's room and Jeffrey asked her if she had any luck. Gloria asked him how doctor's could think that was progress and that they were losing Kevin minute by minute. She asked Jeffrey to stay with Kevin and left so Jeffrey went into see him.

Jeffrey tried to get through to Kevin. Kevin saw the Chipmunk again who said this was the perfect place for him and told Kevin he must love it and want to stay there forever. Kevin said no so the Chipmunk asked why he'd been so bad. Kevin said he'd been good and done everything the Chipmunk told him to do so he could get out. The Chipmunk laughed and said he lied and Kevin would be there forever. Jeffrey told him to fight it and take him on or he'd never get out of there.

Michael returned to Kevin's cell and told him about Clint and how it wasn't his fault. Michael asked Kevin if he even understood a word he was saying and Kevin said he was a good boy. Michael said that Kevin was a good boy, a very very good boy and Kevin asked if he could get out now.


Sharon left a message for Noah to call her back saying she wanted to make things right. She flashed back to Nick telling her not to talk to anybody about what she did but when the flash ended she said it wasn't Nick's call anymore.

Nick talked to Sharon's lawyer saying he thought Sharon would try to sabotage her defense. Kevin said he doubted anyone would even want her locked up since they were all friends and family. The lawyer told Nick that at least one person was pressing charges. When Nick asked who the lawyer showed him and Nick couldn't believe it.

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Phyllis talked to Heather hoping that she was going to prosecute Sharon. Heather told her that what Sharon took from her was not worth enough monetary wise to justify the prosecution going forward. Heather told Phyllis that they wouldn't need the figurine any longer so Phyllis could get it back right away and she'd have it messengered over. Phyllis thanked her and Heather left. When she was gone Phyllis called Victor to tell him about what Sharon had stolen from his house. She feigned shock that Sharon would do something like that and Victor said who knew what Sharon was going through these days. Phyllis said Nick thought it might be denial or an addiction but maybe the arrest was a wake up call. Victor thanked her for telling him about it and said he would take care of it.

Adam knocked over a vase and Victor offered to help him pick it up. Adam said he would take care of it and then brought up how Victor thought he'd taken the egg. Victor accused Adam of eavesdropping and Adam told him to forget it because it would take way too much to get Victor to admit he was wrong. Victor told him he didn't want to argue and left.

Sharon sat down at the mirror where "I hate myself" had used to be written and flashed back to seeing it. She said somebody knew her well. There was a knock on the door and it was Victor. Sharon told Victor she meant to call him. He asked her why she didn't and she said it was because it was hard for her to face people especially him. He told her he knew about the egg she'd stolen and she started to apologize and explain but he hugged her and told her not to worry about it. Victor told her to forget about the egg, it was her he was worried about. He asked her if she'd been dealing with this on her own and she said she didn't want anyone to know. He sat her down and asked her what had been happening. She told him she was letting everyone down and getting out of control. She told him she ruined Nick's marriage and Victor figured out what that meant. When he asked Sharon if Phyllis knew she nodded and he said that explained some things. Sharon realized that Phyllis had told him about the stolen egg. She said she understood why Phyllis was doing this because Phyllis had done the same thing to her stealing Nick. Victor told her if anything happened again to call him and he would take care of things.

Adam answered the door and knew it was Heather. She asked him how he knew it was her and asked if he was getting his vision back. He told her he recognized her perfume as they reentered the house. Adam asked why she was there and she said she couldn't stay away as much as she knows she should because she doesn't want to love Adam but she does. Adam made sure he heard her right that she loved him and when he did he said he thought she was smarter than that. She said apparently not. They talked about why their relationship didn't work before and he asked her why she was there then. She said it broke her heart to think of him going into darkness while living in a house with people who despised him. Adam told her she deserved better than him and told her to go but she said she couldn't. Heather asked Adam what his plans were for his birthday and he said he had none. She offered to go to Victor but Adam said Ashley's birthday was in a few days and that's where Victor's focus should be. Adam said he thought he'd made it clear he was none of Heather's concern. She said he made it clear but she'd see him tomorrow.

Michael met with Nick who tried to convince him to go to Lauren to drop the charges. Michael said he supported his wife's decision. Michael told Nick Sharon was hurting people and Nick said no one more than herself and continued on to tell him everything Sharon was going through. Michael said he didn't wish that kind of burden on anyone but that doesn't give her free reign to upend lives. Nick assumed Michael was talking about Phyllis. Michael said Phyllis could fight her own battles so to answer his question that was not why he was down on Sharon. Nick said he didn't believe him and Michael retorted that if anyone was letting their personal feelings get in the way of their judgment it was Nick. Nick told Michael that he must be mad at him for helping Sharon and Michael asked if he really was helping sharon who was out of control. Michael then said that there are other people who could have used Nick's support over the past few months while he was focusing on Sharon. Nick once again assumed he was talking about Phyllis but Michael reminded him of what Eden went through because of Sharon. Michael told Nick that he was his friend and that's why he's made allowances for him and Sharon. Michael said he would love to give Sharon the benefit of the doubt but couldn't because Sharon evicerated Eden for stealing when it was actually her and if he just let it go that would send Eden a message that she wasn't worth standing up for. He said Eden was abandoned by her father he wasn't going to do it too. Michael finished by saying for once Sharon was going to suffer the consequences of her actions and there was nothing Nick could do about it.

Phyllis was on a business call but as soon as she hung up she flashed back to a conversation she had with Victor a long time ago where he went off on her for breaking up his family and hurting Sharon and said he'd never let her do anything to hurt Sharon again. She realized then that Victor wouldn't ever press charges against Sharon and Phyllis would end up looking like the bad guy again.

When Phyllis got to the club she came across Victor hugging Sharon. Sharon noticed her and brought up how Phyllis had gone to Victor to get him to throw her in jail. Phyllis said she knew Victor wouldn't do that to her. Sharon then asked her why she made the call. Phyllis said she wanted Victor to help Sharon and handle the matter with discretion and Victor said he appreciated that but Sharon wasn't buying it. Victor left and Phyllis started to as well but Sharon stopped her saying they needed to get a couple of things straight first.

Phyllis feigned shock that Sharon would be upset with her for calling Victor because she thought she was doing her a favor. Sharon faked a bit herself saying Phyllis did this out of the goodness of her heart. Phyllis admitted she had selfish reasoning which was to give Sharon another shoulder to cry on instead of Nick's. Sharon asked Phyllis if she saw a lot of crying in Sharon's future. Phyllis said that's what Sharon does best, then backtracked and said no but it was in the top five along with adultury and stealing. Phyllis said if she wanted to cause Sharon trouble she would just press charges herself. Sharon asked why she didn't and Phyllis responded that she didn't feel like it. Sharon asked her if she really didn't want to since that monkey figurine was a valuable piece of art not to mention a gift Phyllis gave Nick when he was still Sharon's husband. Phyllis said she didn't want to cause any trouble for Sharon and she'd already told Heather that she was dropping the charges just as Nick walked in.

Sharon said she assumed Nick heard that and he said that he did and wished everyone felt that way. Phyllis asked who didn't and Nick said Lauren. Sharon admitted Lauren had told her that the night before. Nick asked why Sharon hadn't gone to him sooner so his talking to Michael could have made a difference. Sharon asked him if he'd talked to Michael and he said he did but it was no good. Phyllis told Nick he should have asked her to talk to Michael. Sharon told her it was none of her business and she didn't want Phyllis or Nick involved. Phyllis said she had to go to work and left. Sharon told Nick he should have left it alone. Nick said Michael was his friend and he thought he could get through to him. Sharon reminded Nick that he wasn't her husband anymore and needed to stop acting like it. Nick agreed and left. Sharon's mom showed up and she went over and hugged her.

Phyllis was staring at the monkey figurine in her office when Nick showed up. Phyllis said they gave it back to her and she wasn't pressing charges and Nick thanked her for that. Nick noticed it was broken and asked if Sharon broke it. Phyllis admitted she broke it after Paris. Nick told her she did a good job at putting it back together. Phyllis said it wasn't her it was the glue because all you need is a strong bond. Nick responded that most people wouldn't bother but Phyllis said that just because something's broken doesn't mean that it can't be fixed. Nick asked Phyllis if she had lunch plans and she told him about helping set up an event at the preschool. Nick had forgotten about it and Phyllis said she'd tape it so he could watch it with Summer later. Nick said he'd be there and Phyllis said thanks before leaving.

Sharon apologized to her mom for scaring her when she called. Her mom said Sharon talked about losing it but Sharon said she was better now. Her mom asked her why she shut people out and Sharon said she was sick of feeling like she always needed someone to lean on because she needed to learn to stand on her own.

Right as Heather was leaving Victor showed up and asked what she was doing there. She said she was trying to get Adam to tell her what he was doing for his birthday but he'd said nothing. She asked Victor what he had planned for the big day and Victor told her it was none of her business before slamming the door on her and walking past Adam without saying a word.

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Billy's at the bar and says this is the only place he can kick back and no one will bother him just as Cane shows up

Phyllis tells Nick that they were having a really good time and asks him what changed

Katherine asks Jill if there's a problem and Jill says, "thanks for the love and concern, mom."

Question for today....

Who do you feel the most sorry for?

A.) Sharon because her life is out of control

B.) Phyllis because her husband is being a loser

C.) Kevin because he's being stalked by Chucky Chipmunk the Imaginary Rodent Boy

D.) Michael because he's got stuff being thrown at him left and right

E.) Other