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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Hey kids! Sorry for posting a tad bit late, internet troubles but back in action to give the spoilers for The Young and the Restless.


Chloe: The fashionista finds out about a little secret and has a shocking response to it.

Brock comes to town for his mother's wedding and he also presides over the affair. Nikki tries to convince Jill to attend Kay's big day but Jill is still smarting over the fact that the two women aren't family. Jill does admit that she misses Kay and being around her and doesn't think she should come to Katherine's wedding. Every time Kay and Jill are in the same airspace they always fight.

Meanwhile Mac and Amber continue to secure that Katherine's wedding goes off without a hitch. Billy debated on having Chloe come to his ex-grandmother's wedding or to leave the ball and chain at home. Later on, Jill heads to the GCAC and bumps into Jeffery and Gloria and instead of having a bitch fest with them she decides put all that on the back burner and decides to share drinks with the duo. The citizens of Genoa City all head for Murphy and Kay's big day including Nina Webber. Expect to see a sweet and fun loving union with these two even though they aren't under the age of 30.

Totally sloshed she drops into Murphy and Kay's wedding.

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Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Looks as though big red's plan to have Sharon arrested backfires when she's the one in handcuffs! Before this all takes place, Nick has finally made up his mind on which one of the ladies he wants to be with. Just when Nick makes his choice, the police show up at Newman Enterprises to bust Phyllis for breaking into Sharon's room at the GCAC. Jack swings by the police station and Phyllis fills him in on why she's been arrested. Jack finally gets through to Phyllis by lettering her know that she has to stop her war against Sharon because by going after her it makes Nick protect Sharon even more. Phyllis realizes that if she wants to hold onto Nick she has to show Sharon some compassion.

Lauren visits Phyllis and lets her know that due to Sharon's arrest Noah's being picked on at school and Phyllis getsremorseful for the chaos she's caused. Lauren drops the charges against Sharon and warns her friend to let her animosity and vendetta against Sharon go. When Sharon finds out about Phyllis beingintegral of the charges being dropped against her she's not happy at all. In her mind, Phyllis is just trying to have Sharon not file them against her and feels that if she pursues it she'll look like the bad person. Sharon relents and tells Nick she'll drop her complaint against Phyllis if he stays out of her personal life for good. She's fed up with Nick coming in and out of her life making her feel that there's a chance they can reconcile. Nick agrees because he doesn't want Phyllis prosecuted however, deep down Nick knows that he can't keep out of Sharon's life.

She has a dream.. Will it be of Cassie?

Scared of the specialist that Victor brings in, Adam jams a needle filled with Botox in his eye... WTF?!

Ashley: The Beauty winds up in the hospital.