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Y&R's Ashley Abbott: Insane In the Membrane?

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Is "The Beauty" starting to crack up? Certainly looks that when when some freaky things take place on The Young and the Restless.*SPOILER ALERT!* While Ashley's (Eileen Davidson) taking a stroll on the Newman ranch, she hears a child crying and she starts frantically searching for it. Ash yells for Victor (Eric Braeden) and tells him about what she hears but The Black Knight doesn't hear anything at all. Ashley keeps firm on what she heard and feels upset and touchy because of her past mental breakdowns. Victor discusses with Olivia (Tonya Lee Williams) the off chance of her losing their baby and what would happen to Ashley's state of mind if she had yet another miscarriage. When Ashley chats with them she assures them both if something starts to to be amiss she will let them know all about it asap.


Later on Ashley decides to take another walk on the grounds and she stumbles across a statue of Sabrina (Raya Meddine) holding a baby! Victor had the statue created and when he comes upon Ashley he asks if it bothers her she lies and says it doesn't. Ashley is bothered by it but doesn't want to appear unstable or upset by the statue because she's scared that it will be misinterpreted for something else. After the incident passes Ashley goes inside the house to get ready for her birthday that she's sharing with Victor and sees a dress along with earrings and shoes placed out for her to wear. When Ashley comes down and shows herself off to Victor, he flips when he sees her look and asks her to leave.

When she comes back down and speaks with Adam (Chris Engen) and Estella (Anna Betancourt) about what was wrong with her attire, they let her know that Sabrina wore the exact same thing when she died! Meanwhile Victor assumes that Nikki's (Melody Thomas Scott) responsible for the entire incident and heads out to confront her. When Ashley returns to her bedroom she's horrified to find a receipt indicating that she's behind the purchase! Ashley knows she didn't do it and thinks that Estella's behind the entire thing but doesn't have a shred of evidence linking the Newman housekeeper to the entire thing. With all these things taking place Ashley starts to wonder if she's starting to lose her mind again.

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