Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: When Coffee Attacks!




At the Java Café, Rafe is on his laptop and has a flash back of Sami asking him not to leave Salem. He looks at his plane ticket and says, “Bye Sami.” as he packs up and gets ready to leave.

Meanwhile at the penthouse, Sami looks at the St. Ann’s medal and flashes back to telling Rafe she has to tell EJ about Grace and that it is her decision not his. When the flash back ends she asks herself what she was thinking. Beats me. I never know what Sami’s thinking when she does something!

Sami meets Roman at the pub. They play with Grace and Roman tells her he’s sorry for not being happy for her about Grace before. She tells Roman she’s glad he’s around since Grace is going to need a father figure now that Rafe has left. Roman tells Sami that Rafe hasn’t left yet and that he doesn’t leave til later today. Sami tells Roman she needs his help, so Roman calls someone and finds out that Rafe is going oversees to join an anti-terrorism task force. He gives Sami the flight number and agrees to watch Grace while she runs to try to catch Rafe.

At the airport Rafe sits down and flashes back to kissing Sami outside the pub and tells himself to just let her go. As Rafe gets up to leave, an out of breath Sami runs over and stops him. Sami tells Rafe that Will told him he dropped of the St. Ann’s medal. She tells him that she wanted him to know he means a lot to her before it’s too late.

Stefano/EJ/Nicole at the DiMera Mansion:

At the DiMera mansion, a confused Stefano wakes up on the floor unsure of what happened to him or why he collapsed. Once Stefano gets himself up and about, Alfred gives Stefano a newspaper and he reads the headline which says that Philip was shot but is still alive and he says to himself that Philip being alive is a problem.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the mansion, Nicole and EJ wake up in bed together a talk about how yesterday seemed like a dream and then they kiss. Nicole gets up and looks out the window and sees guards and worries again, so EJ gets up to reassure her and then goes to have a shower. When she’s alone, her cell phone rings it’s Mia and she wants to see her baby.

After she gets off the phone with Mia, Nicole calls Dr. Baker in a panic and tells him about Mia’s phone call. He laughs and tells her not to worry because she doesn’t even have Mia’s baby.

EJ goes downstairs and finds Stefano still in rough shape. EJ asks if he’s okay and Stefano says he’s fine. He tells EJ he’s sorry his honeymoon in Caribbean has to be postponed. EJ agrees with all that’s going on it’s for the best.

Later, Stefano tells EJ they have to be vigilant and EJ says he knows. Stefano reminds him that Nicole has to be aware of the fact that she needs to have guards around, especially when she’s with Sydney. Nicole walks in and over hears and flips out about being caged like an animal. EJ tells her she can go anywhere she wants but she needs to have a guard with her. She continues freaking out, so Stefano leaves them alone to talk. EJ tells her that if she’s going to be defiant about it and put the safety of the family at risk, then things might not end well. Well, don’t they just sound like a couple of happy newlyweds?!

Alone later, a shaking Stefano is on the phone with someone, telling them not to let “her” out of his sight and not let “her” shake him. When Stefano hangs up he leans on the table and wonders what’s wrong with him. I’m assuming he means other than the fact he’s being written by this current writing team.

Stefano picks up a picture of Tony and tells EJ how much he misses Tony. EJ says he misses him too. Me three! One of the goons comes in and tells them Roman’s there to see Stefano. Roman comes in and hands Stefano a piece of paper. They exchange a couple of quips and then Roman tells Stefano not to leave town and leaves. So, basically Roman went all the way over there to tell him not to leave town - but didn’t Bo already do that like 10 times yesterday? Wow, the excitement just keeps on building over here.

Nicole comes in and tells EJ that Sydney’s asleep. He asks if Nicole’s ready for their walk. She makes a sarcastic comment about body guards. Stefano comes in and tells them the guards are waiting. He still isn’t looking too hot. EJ asks again if he’s okay and Stefano insist he is and leaves telling EJ he’s going to get a macchiato. EJ is disappointed that Nicole doesn’t seem very eager to go on their walk. She says she wants to know what’s going on and EJ tells her business doesn’t concern her. When she tries to argue about it he kisses her.

Nicole and Mia on the Pier:

Nicole bumps into Mia at the pier. Mia is uncomfortable around the guards but Nicole tries to make it seem like no big deal. Mia asks to hold her baby and Nicole tells her this is the last time since Mia has already double crossed her. Nicole hands Sydney over to Mia, who says something’s wrong. She tells Nicole that Sydney doesn’t feel like her baby. Nicole tells her that’s because Sydney isn’t her baby anymore. Ouch. Then she takes Sydney back. Mia says she’s surprised because she felt so connected to this other baby she had babysat for and Nicole tells her that’s good because it means her connection Sydney is ending. Mia asks if she can hold Sydney again. Nicole tells her she can’t. EJ calls and asks when she’s coming home. Nicole tells him she on her way. Then she says goodbye to Mia saying they probably won’t see each other again. After Nicole leaves, Mia scratches herself on a dirty nail, leaving fans everywhere wondering how that will be involved in a certain baby switch reveal!

Brady & Victor at the Hospital:

At the hospital, Brady arrives and he and Victor discuss what happened to him and Philip. Victor tells Brady that the DiMera’s are going to rue the day they messed with his family. Brady tells Victor he gets why Victor’s’s upset but tries to talk him out of revenge. Brady’s tells Victor that he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. An angry Victor tells Brady that he’s in no position to tell him what to do. Brady keeps telling him to take the high road but Victor says he can’t just turn the other cheek. Brady says they need to be sure who was behind shooting before they act. Victor tells him if he’s going to continue to be this naive to butt out and leave this to him.

Later, Victor tells Brady he won’t rest until Stefano’s suffering meets the suffering he has cost them. Brady wants to know what he’s talking about. Victor tells him they’re going to hit the DiMera’s where their heart is. Brady gives up trying to talk Victor out of his actions and decides to go see Philip. Before he leaves he tells Victor that even though he doesn’t approve of his actions, Brady is there for Victor if he needs him.

Mia & Dr Baker at the Hospital:

Mia ends up in the hospital to get her arm treated and in walks Dr. Baker. She’s surprised to see him and he explains he’s on staff now. He cleans out the cut for her. When he warns her it’s going to sting, she says it’s nothing compared to what she was feeling earlier today. He asks her what’s wrong and she tells him about holding Sydney and how it didn’t feel right - like Sydney wasn’t even hers. Dr. Baker tells her that he’s impressed with her instincts. He tells her there’s a reason the baby didn’t feel like she was hers and it’s time she found out why. Yeah, like anyone believes he’s going to tell her the truth right now. Right.

Victor/Brady/Nicole/EJ at the Pub:

Victor and Brady are having tea at the pub - how quaint. Brady tells him he wishes Victor would tell him what’s going on. Vic says that all Brady needs to know is that whatever’s going to happen is going to hit Stefano right between the eyes.

Nicole arrives at the Pub as Brady’s leaving. The body guard tries to stop Brady from approaching but Nicole tells the guard that Brady’s a friend. She sees Brady’s face and asks what happened and Brady just brushes it off. Nicole thanks him for not ruining her wedding. He tells her he figured out that she was where she needed to be. Brady goes to make a phone call and Nicole goes inside. Nicole and Victor’s guards size the other one up and Victor tells Nicole they have a lot of catching up to do. Outside, as Brady gets off the phone, EJ approaches. Uh, oh.

Victor walks over to Nicole and mocks her taste in men and she cracks a joke about him. They exchange snipes about EJ. He tells her how EJ has her snowed and lets her in on the DiMera’s beating up Brady on her wedding day.

Outside, Brady calls EJ a two-faced S.O.B and EJ says he doesn’t want to make a scene. Brady tells him well that’s too bad because EJ’s going to pay for what he did to him and to Philip.

Stefano at the Java Café:

Stefano arrives at the Java Café and orders from his favourite Barista. He asks what happened to the girl from yesterday and she tells him it must not have worked out. Stefano thinks this is suspicious when he hears the girls name and asks if she was Greek. He goes to sit down and drink his coffee and has a flash back to Victor’s threat and realizes he might have been poisoned.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Brady tells Nicole, 'You don't want to know... that person who was holding your daughter has so much blood on his hands."

Lexie asks, "Do you know what you were poisoned with?" Stefano says, "No, but I know who did it."

Victor tells EJ, "Please, don't worry about Phillip. Worry about your father."

Rafe tells Sami, "No matter what you say it's not going to change anything. I'm still leaving."

Well, this ends my first week recapping Days at DC. Thanks everyone for your kind words. It was a rough week for me as an EJami fan, but at least the show is getting a bit better. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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