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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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What an absolutely contrived way to get Emma to fall down a flight of stairs. I know its a soap and contrived is what they do best, but still. First off, Robin puts Emma in the stroller and leaves the house. Did she walk all the way to the hospital? Don't they live way out in the boonies. Wouldn't she have driven there and then put Emma in the stroller when she got to the hospital? And then, why was she standing at the top of the stairs the entire time she was there? Why not take the elevator down when she was done with her appointment with the pediatrician. I'm assuming the hospital still has elevators for the moving of those pesky gurneys and hospital beds.

The one thing I did like is that Kelly gave her what for for stopping the meds.

Anyone else find it funny that when Jason came in on the gurney, unconscious, he still had the same constipated look on his face that he always has? Interesting to know that his facial features don't change, even after being blown up.

Love that Ric went home, did the math and came back to Casa Corinthos to remind Claudia that he could be her baby daddy. Love that Ric is going to mess with her head, because I'm already tired of her baby talk with Sonny.

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I love Liz, so I was rather annoyed by her snark with notEmily. Especially since she seemed to be the one who had accepted that notEmily wasn't Emily. I also wasn't happy with Lucky's comment about having put the past behind him. To me, he seems to have forgotten Emily in his hurry to get in Rebecca's pants. I would rather have had a scene with Lucky where he admits that the resemblance is uncanny but that's not why he's attracted to her.

Jerry disappearing....totally didn't see that coming. Eeesh.

Nice to meet nuMicheal finally.