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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to a week of all out war in Salem! We’re moving into May sweeps territory, and Victor has vowed revenge on Stefano.  Sami and Rafe are heading for more angst and EJ's only been married for 3 days and is already picturing Sami's face whilst in bed with Nicole. The Chelsea/Max exit storyline continues, and new characters get some airtime.  All this and more, this week on the Preview from Denial Island (April 27 – May 1).


Sami/Rafe: After finding Rafe at the airport last week, Sami does her best to convince her ex-bodyguard to stay in Salem. Despite having his one-way ticket out of Salem paid for by the EJami fans, Rafe decides to hear Sami out, and misses his plane. Somewhere along the line the two end up back at Sami’s apartment, and are about to head into the bedroom when EJ interrupts them… The man just couldn’t have better timing!! EJ has come over with the pretense of discussing pre-school options for Johnny, but in seeing Rafe and Sami fixing their clothes, does away with this and confronts Sami over her interruption of his wedding instead. EJ tells her its obvious Rafe is her rebound guy, which Rafe overhears. Rafe confronts Sami; he doesn’t like her explanation and storms off in a huff. Later in the week, Sami finds Rafe catching up on old times with newest Brady Pub barmaid Arianna. How do they know each other other? Sami is determined to find out – next week.

EJ/Nicole: Is there trouble in paradise already? EJ receives an email from Dr Baker, what can he have to say? Meanwhile, Hope comes over to DiMansion to confront Nicole. What about? Too many possibilities to choose from if you ask me. To make matters worse for Nicole, while she and new hubby EJ are in bed, he starts picturing Sami – does Nicole know this? No, but she suspects EJ’s attention is elsewhere… and she’s determined to get it back!

Stefano/Victor: the Phoenix is uncharacteristically nervous this week. First he suspects he’s been poisoned, but a hospital visit and some tests run by daughter Lexie confirm a diagnosis of diabetes. The fact that he wasn't poisoned doesn’t stop Stefano’s paranoia and he decides to leave town; but is he too late? Stefano is followed – is Victor making good on his threats on his old enemy?  Did Stefano take his insulin pen with him??

Stephanie/Philip/Melanie: Philip is still having nightmares about the shooting; I don’t blame him since the DiMera goon is still on the loose and wanting to finish the job. Stephanie is freaked out too; she wants Philip to run away with her and goes as far as to purchase plane tickets which would take them both far, far away. Philip’s not too keen on leaving and this causes some tension between them. Of course, in comes Melanie, smelling trouble…

Max/Chelsea: Max has applied for medical school in Chicago (you mean, Dr Daniel can’t teach him?) and Chelsea finds out. The fact that Max might leave prompts the couple to take a good look at their relationship and realize it means more to them than they both thought. Unfortunately for the two, Chelsea receives a phone call from England about her Mom. Billie’s been in a car accident and her injuries are serious. Both Chelsea and Kate freak out, but it’s Chelsea who decides she should leave everything and take care of her Mom. What will Max do?

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Will/Mia: Salem’s newest teen couple are going on their first official date (aww). Don’t get too excited, it’s only to the Java Café, and the date gets crashed by Mia’s friend Tad. Seems Tad’s been out of the loop lately, not realizing Mia hadn’t told Will anything about her past.  How will Mia explain to Will? 

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Kate tells Daniel she knows he had an affair with Chloe
  • Stephanie and Lexie have a D&M
  • Brady re-affirms his loyalty to the Kiriakis’

Coming Up Next Week (May 04 - 08):

  • Sami and Rafe go on a date
  • Chelsea says goodbye
  • Victor has Stefano!

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum. Don't forget to check out our DaysDaily Recaps by new blogger Susan!

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:Denial Island is on twitter!  Yes, when the episodes get tough, I get twittering.