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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: The Mysterious Case of the Non-Poisoning


The Pub: Outside of the Pub, Brady and EJ argue. Brady tells EJ that he’s not afraid of EJ or Stefano. EJ replies that Brady should be and Brady counters by calling EJ a coward for hiring thugs to deal with him and not facing him like a man. So, naturally I pause for a moment to imagine how hot a fight between these two would be.

Meanwhile, inside the pub, Nicole and Victor continue their argument. Victor threatens Nicole by telling her that he’s happy she made a stupid mistake and that she’s going to pay for it dearly. Nicole counters by telling him that Stefano has welcomed her to the family and that DiMera’s take care of their own and their enemies. And I remember the good old days when Nicole could take care of herself and her enemies – what happened to those days? They were fun!

Victor just smiles and points out to Nicole that maybe she isn’t being protected, maybe she’s being used. Nicole doesn’t believe him, so Victor points out, “Your whole wedding was a charade. Your husband and your father-in-law needed an alibi. And they thought so little of you that they used you and your hypocritical white dress to provide them with one.” Nicole tries to deny it but finally realizes what happened to Brady. Before they can say anything else, Nicole sees Brady and EJ together outside the pub and runs out to stop them from killing each other.

Outside, after Nicole intervenes and manages to get the guys to break it up, she tries to get EJ to realize that the Kiriakises are just trying to taunt them so they look in the right. EJ isn’t interested in hearing any of it until he hears her mention that Victor is inside. He tells Nicole he’s going in to talk to Victor, so she tries to talk him out of it but he goes anyway.

Afterwards, Nicole and Brady talk. She asks him if he’s okay and he says he’s fine. She tells him she wants to know what really happened to him and he asks if she’s sure she wants to know. She insists that she does but Brady argues that she doesn’t really want to know what EJ’s up to when he’s not home. He says she doesn’t want to know that when EJ comes home to her and her daughter he blood on his hands. Nicole tries to defend EJ but Brady isn’t interested. He tells her that he was there for her when she did everything she did to get her daughter and asks if she did all that so Sydney could have a guy like EJ for a father. Nicole tells him that’s exactly what she did. Brady tells her that nothing bad that the two of them and Philip combined have done would add up to what EJ did last night and that EJ doesn’t even feel remorse for anything. He tells her, “Well, that's Sydney's father. That is your husband.” And then he walks away and leaves Nicole standing there.

Meanwhile, inside the pub, EJ walks over to Victor and sits down, giving a faux apology about Philip. Victor tells him to not waste his time worrying about Philip and save his concern for Stefano. EJ tries to get Victor to explain what he means by that but Victor just talks symbolically around it using the Trojan War as a metaphor. A fed up EJ walks away and calls Stefano. He can’t reach him though, so he leaves a message for Stefano to call him. Then, he calls a security goon and demands they find Stefano ASAP.

Later, Lexie calls EJ and tells him that Stefano is in the hospital. EJ wants to know what’s wrong, but Lexie hangs up on him. EJ runs outside and tells Nicole they have to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Brady goes into the pub to sit with Victor. Victor reminds him to stay away from Nicole because she’s married to a DiMera now – married to the man who ordered Philip’s death. Brady tells him not to worry about it because he was telling Nicole goodbye. Then Brady and Victor discuss their exchanges with EJ and Victor tells Brady that EJ will pay – just leave it all to him.

The Hospital: Over at the hospital, Lexie is working on some patient charts when Stefano approaches her. She keeps trying to give him the brush off until she realizes he’s there to be a patient. Stefano tells her that he thinks he’s been poisoned. Lexie asks what his symptoms are and he tells her. He also tells her to call the police but she refuses to until she figures out what’s wrong with him. She asks him when the symptoms started and he tells her, “Last night, a few hours after Kiriakis arranged to poison me.” Lexie keeps trying to get Stefano to consider it could be something else but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Later, Lexie admits Stefano into the hospital. When she comes back to his room she finds him unconscious and tries to wake him. Stefano finally comes to, but is out of breath. He asks if they identified the poison and she tells him they still have to run more tests. Lexie turns to leave and Stefano tells her he’s proud of her and wants her to know that in case something happens to him. She tells him she won’t let anything happen to him. He smiles and then tells her he needs to talk to EJ. Lexie agrees to contact EJ and gives him a call.

When EJ and Nicole arrive on Stefano’s floor at the hospital, EJ asks Lexie what’s going on and she explains it to him. He says he wants to see Stefano alone. Lexie freaks out on him because she knows EJ and Stefano just want to talk to plan revenge on the Kiriakises. EJ tries to calm her down but she tells him not too touch her and walks away from him. Nicole starts to move with EJ, but he tells her he wants to see Stefano alone. Lexie tells her to get used to it.

Meanwhile, over in Mia’s room, Dr. Baker explains to Mia that the reason she doesn’t feel a connection to the baby is because she’s isn’t hers. Mia tells him it’s weird because she feels so connected to another baby. He asks who’s baby but all she tells him is it is a friend’s baby sister. Then, she leaves before he can get anymore out of her.

Afterwards, Dr. Baker finds Nicole at the hospital and tells her about Mia being there. Nicole wants to know what she wanted, so he explains what happened. Nicole doesn’t like that they’re talking about it in public but Dr. Baker doesn’t seem to care. He tells her that Mia said she doesn’t feel a connection to the baby and they both know why. Nicole continues to freak out and Dr. Baker tells her to relax - he’s covering for her and she’s in the clear with Mia. Nicole mentions that they still have to worry about Sami. Dr. Baker asks if Sami knows anything yet and Nicole explains that Sami doesn’t and she plans to keep it that way. She better hope Sami doesn’t find out anytime soon because Nicole is so dead when she does! I can’t wait! lol!

Back in Stefano’s room, EJ tells Stefano about his encounter with Victor. Stefano doesn’t like it. He tells EJ that Victor wouldn’t gloat unless he thought Stefano was gong to die for sure. EJ tells Stefano to stop talking like that – he’s not going to die. Then, Lexie walks in and tells them she has the test results. She tells them that the tests show that Stefano wasn’t poisoned but there is something wrong with him.

Sami’s Penthouse: Will opens the door and finds Mia on the other side. He invites her in and realizes she’s in a bad mood. She asks if he talked to Sami about being able to baby sit Grace. Will is surprised that she came to see Grace and not him. She tells him to just tell his mother about her baby sitting and is about to leave when Will asks her if she wants to go to the pub with him. When she doesn’t seem that excited about it, he tells Grace is coming too and she accepts. Will cracks, “Wait, did I just use my little sister as date bait?” and Mia smiles and tells him he did and then she laughs. Awww… How cute!

Will brings out Grace and Mia lights up and starts talking to her. Will makes some wisecrack about Grace’s ‘real’ mom and Mia snaps at him, saying that giving up Grace was probably the hardest thing her mother ever did.

The Airport:  Sami tells Rafe that after she saw the St. Ann’s medal she had to find him to tell him how she felt before it was too late. He tells her it already is. They argue about why he didn’t return her phone calls and he explains he wanted escape the fight they are having right now. She tries to impress him with her gesture of finding him and running to him but he doesn’t seem too impressed. He keeps trying to get her to leave but she won’t have any of it. He asks if she’s going to start crying since that’s she does when she doesn’t get her way through anger. This makes Sami angrier. Rafe snaps about Sami telling EJ that he’s Grace’s father and Sami tells him she didn’t do it.

They sit down and she tells him what happened at the wedding and admits he was right she shouldn’t have gone – but now she knows who EJ really is. Seriously? She just figured this out? Well, that’s a curious case of a re-write if I ever heard one. I guess 2006-2008 just didn’t happen then, right? Okay, whatever… back to the show…

Rafe tells her that he’s sorry that finding out who EJ really is was painful for her but he’s glad it happened for Grace’s sake. She says it’s good for their sake too because now they don’t have to fight their connection anymore. She suggests they go and do something fun but Rafe drags her out of fantasy land and explains that he’s still leaving because they just don’t work together. She doesn’t understand and he tells her that he wants to be a bigger part of her life than she wants him to be. She tries to deny it but he won’t listen. She tells him she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t still want him in her life, but he thinks she’ll change her mind again. Then his flight is called and Rafe says he’s gotta go. As he picks up his bags to leaves, she grabs him and hugs him saying she won’t let him go.

On the Next Days:

At the pub, Chelsea tells Max, "If you get accepted there you're gonna move. So what about us?"

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells EJ, "And you... are going to take care of Kiriakis."

Stephanie freaks out and tells Philip, "I can't take it. I can't take any of this."

Sami tells Rafe, "I would do just about anything to stop you from getting on that plane."