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From XOXO to SOS: Gossip Girl's Ratings Take Major Hit!

It looks like buzz is no longer translating into ratings. Perez Hilton is reporting that one of the most talked about primetime soaps since Desperate Housewives, The CW's Gossip Girl, has taken a major ratings hit. According to the Gossip Gangsta, the series netted a depressing 1.4/2 rating. So basically less people are watching Gossip Girl than tune in to watch Guiding Light, which was recently cancelled by The CW's parent network CBS. Of course daytime soaps don't have lucrative DVD, merchandising and cross-promotional opportunities like their niche primetime and cable counterparts, but in the end, will all of that be enough to keep The CW from going the way of The WB and UPN?

For my money, trying to turn a broadcast network into a channel that only caters to teenage girls and 25-year-old gay men is a big mistake. By getting rid of wrestling—which was a big hit for the netlet and its predecessor UPN— and now tossing their urban comedies like, Girlfriends, Everybody Loves Chris and The Game aside, The CW has oversaturated their own market. Who wants to watch a channel where every show is just like the next one? If Dawn O really wants to show she is a power player, she should use half of her 2009-10 season's programming budget to rescue Dirty Sexy Money and pair it with Gossip Girl. Then mothers and their teen daughters could at least tune in to the channel for their guilty pleasures, possibly hooking each other on their respective soap fixes in the process. Just a thought...

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