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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm glad that Jax overheard Carly and Jason discussing the disorder that Carly has. I thought that would be one of those secrets that would take forever to be exposed, like soap secrets have a bad habit of doing. *coughClaudia/Michaelcough*. I really need to give Laura Wright credit here. She is doing a bang up job in this story because half the time I don't know whether to smack her for taking her health for granted or whether to cry with her.


Could Sonny seem less concerned that Jason got the snot knocked out of him? "Yeah yeah you were hurt, now get off your lazy butt and go find Jerry for me."

It's interesting that in Kelly's version of the story to Patrick, she said she touched Robin's arm and Robin freaked. To me, it looked like Kelly grabbed Robin's arm, rather forcefully, and when Robin pulled away, the momentum knocked her into the stroller. I loved the intervention though. With all those people in one room together, I wondered why no one bothered to call Robert and Anna.

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I want more Olivia/Ric scenes. That's a woman who can handle Ric. I loved that Olivia is snarking out Claudia, though I was hoping that she'd let it slip that she knows Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting just so I could see Claudia's head explode because someone else knows.

Speaking of Claudia, she needs to hire better hitmen or do the job herself. The ones she gets tend to botch the job.

Just how long in Spinelli going to hold a grudge?

Strange Liz/Nik scene. I don't think they work as a couple, so I hope that's not the road they're going down. I'm not sure how I felt about the Lucky/notEmily kiss either.