Are Rick Hearst, Peter Simon and Maureen Garrett Heading Back to Guiding Light?


With Guiding Light ending its run on CBS in September, it appears the show is pulling out all the stops in the casting department. Setside sources have revealed to Daytime Confidential that three iconic Guiding Light characters may be making their return to the show in the near future. 


Peter Simon


Maureen Garrett

, and

Rick Hearst

have all been in talks with

Guiding Light

for a return. Peter will more than likely be back for a huge Bauer Barbecue bash the show is planning. Maureen's story is unknown at the moment, but she is more than willing to return. Negotiations with Rick Hearst are "damn good" and his character will have an impact on the Spaulding family."

The returns of Ed Bauer, Holly Reade, and Alan-Michael Spaulding will no doubt fill the hearts of fans and shake things up in Springfield. Hopefully, things will work out and three of our favorites will return home. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential for updates on this developing story.

A TeleNext spokesperson was unable to confirm the returns, however stated, "With the show coming to an end on CBS, it isn't unexpected that some returns will happen."