One Life to Live Daily Recap : What Happened to This Show?


I have been a bad girl. I have been watching OLTL and not blogging it. I have been twittering it so that those that wanted to know what I was thinking could read along. I am amazed and horrified all in one fell swoop. I am amazed that a show that seemed to be doing so well has fallen apart so fast that it is crashing into the brick wall of doom right before my very eyes. Let's start with what has been horrible for the last week on OLTL.


Morasco Fiasco : We had a few days of peace and then BOOM!! It's in your face and they are waving bags of blood around like they are documents or something. Watching Sky waving around those bags I was holding my breath waiting for one to pop and squirt out and hit someone. I kid you not. He's in the room, he's in the hallway, he's shoving them in Rex's face and Stacy's face. I think I may have enjoyed them popping all over Stacy. Alas, we did not get that. The bags were being waved in Rex's face and the PI in him doesn't even QUESTION it? Seriously? Has my show completely lost it's way?

Rex's Dad : Why has he not been seen onscreen yet? This part should be cast, taping and we, the audience, should have seen him when the nurse walked over to deliver the info that his instructions were followed. The figure with the blanket over his head is a joke!!

The KAD Killer : John is really so smart. Marty is the next one targeted, so let me take her with me on the run. If you take the next target out of the equation, he will just move on down the list. Why did we need yet another serial killer s/l with John, who is now not even a cop, in the middle of it. I also thought his "goodbye" to Blair was pathetic and just highlighted how much of a non couple JoBlair has always been.

RJ : Why has RJ not visited Nora yet? Jamie? See, when you bring back a character we want to see them interact with their friends and family BEFORE you make him the latest speed bump in Todd's life.

Todd / Tea : Does anyone think the courtroom sex was hot?? I didn't. Having Marty walk in on them was actually pathetic. WHY?? I had hoped that all thoughts of Tarty were dead, was I wrong?

Starr / Cole : Do I even need to explain?

So, was there anything good you ask??

Layla : It was nice to see some real payoff to something occuring onscreen. It seemed that killing Talia just served to send John on the run, but it also served to showcase what a great actress Tika Sumpter has become when she hasn't been on our screens. Kudos to Ms. Sumpter for a great response to Talia's death. Even the scenes talking about the dog didn't annoy me, and I actually liked seeing a flashback that never happened onscreen since we barely saw Talia out of cop uniform once Antonio left. It was sweet.

Nora / Rachel : Loving the natural family interaction between these two ladies. Loved Nora flipping out about her being Cole's counselor and Rachel standing her ground. Not to thrilled that she's already giving Cole a pass, but that brings me another goodie - Lola

The Montez Family : What is it with this family? When they were first introduced I could not stand them. However, when they underwent a tweaking and got rid of Vanessa, bitched out Lola and moved Ray into Dorian's orbit, I have been a fan. The Ray / Dorian dynamic works. Much better than Silly David and Dorian, and now they dump A. Martinez??? What are TPTB thinking? Loving how Lola is all up in Markko and Langston's business. Also like how SOMEONE tried to call Cole on his crap and sadly just got a "Thank you, go away."

Viki / Charlie : Ahh. A happy couple. I was so happy to see them and to keep on seeing them this past week or so. Viki, sitting in her seat at dinner, saw everything that was going on between Todd and Tea and summed it up nicely. See, now that was putting history to work. Loved her "insane" comment to Charlie too!!!

So we will see what today brings. Hopefully they can get this hot mess cleaned up and back on track!!