Pratt Falls Creators to Michael Fairman: "We Simultaneously Experienced the Urge to Slap Pratt"


Pratt Falls creators Ellen and Portia, otherwise known as grrarrgghh on YouTube, sat down with On Air on Soap's Michael Fairman to discuss how their soap world web sensation was created.  

How did you two get the idea to start Pratt Falls? How did you come about the Xtranormal animations?

PORTIA: After reading Pratt's TV GUIDE interview where he throws Eden Riegel under a bus, we simultaneously experienced the urge to slap Pratt. And that resulted in the satirical smack down now known as PRATT FALLS.

ELLEN: I am quite passive by nature, but Pratt’s blatant lies about Eden Riegel’s contract had me seeing red. If I remember correctly, I posted a 10-line mock script on the Bianca/Reese message board. Portia emailed me, asking if she could play around with it and animate it. I said yes. Next thing we know: BAM! (No pun intended)." 

Seems like the moral of this story is don't piss off fans of a beloved soap character, or you too will be immortalized in Xtranormal animations. For part two of the clip and more of the interview, visit