The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Stephanie Blasts Eric


Rick kept badgering his mother about her relationship with Ridge. Being the good, adult child that he is, he preyed on Brooke's insecurities about Taylor. He assumed that Ridge ran to Taylor's and stayed the night. She told him that he had to honor Steffy's request to break their engagement. Rick balked and Brooke, in a moment of clarity, asked him who was manipulating who. The clouds returned when Ridge called a bit later. 

Meanwhile, Taylor called Stephanie and confirmed that Ridge did indeed stay at the house, but in the guest room. Stephanie remarked that it probably wouldn't take much to move Ridge into her room. Taylor told her that she respects that Ridge is married to Brooke and will honor that boundary. Stephanie replied that she was lucky that she didn't have to do either. Ridge acknowledged that he had two families and committed himself to being there for both of them.


Ridge, Taylor, Steffy and Thomas reiterated their lives would all be better without Rick and had a nice family breakfast. All this is in case you haven't yet figured out where the "stress and angst" Stephanie was talking about the previous day is in Ridge's life. Taylor lurked in the background while Ridge talked to Brooke on the phone. His "stress and angst" level rose when he told her that he would not live with Rick under any circumstances. He also informed her that he was going to talk to Eric about getting Rick fired. At Brooke's, Rick lurked in the background to hear her half of the conversation. When she was finished, he claimed he was set up by the both of them. Brooke's got that deer in the headlights look indicating she really didn't know how to handle this latest development. She did not mention that Ridge wanted to get Rick fired, which might confirm that she's buying into Rick's claims that Ridge is acting out of paranoia.

Stephanie learned from Jackie that Bill Spencer died. She regretted that she did not return a recent email about her moved to Jackie M. She offered her condolences to Karen and was surprised that she was not likely to inherit his publishing house. Karen said that her father wanted her to contact Stephanie.

Eric took it upon himself to pop in at Jackie M. so that he could escort his ex to Bill's funeral. He said that Donna knew that they would have to appear together since that is how people know them. Stephanie reiterated her stance that she was separated from Eric and Forrester, and she did not need Mrs. Honey Bear's permission to be seen with him. She said she needed and waited for him for 50 years to grow up and that she had no expectations, no need and no want for him now. He asked her what she wanted him to say and she said, "Say goodbye." She moved away from the door and cleared a path for him. It was fracking brilliant!