As The Bubbles Burst: Tonight's NIGHTLINE Discusses State of the Soap Opera


Much like the title song from Beauty and the Beast, at this point talking about the State of the American Soap Opera has become a tale as old as time.That isn't stopping Nightline from getting in on the fun. Tonight the newsmagazine will try to figure out what's up with our favorite stories.

You know the drill. Expect to hear lots of talk about the economy, and little about the recycling of hacks like Chuck Pratt, Dena Higley and Megan McTavish who pen insulting, ridiculous, asinine stories year in and year out, causing mass viewer erosion, yet somehow manage to find work again killing even more soaps. Oh, and look for plenty of gushing over that ridiculous CGI tornado bull ish, which ABC Daytime loves to credit with spiking ratings last year for AMC, as opposed to attributing it to the fans of Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun who tuned in expecting a decent storyline for their faves. Fool the fans once, shame on you, fool the fans a dozen times, shame on it all. 


 For the piece, Nightline interviewed show runners like Julie Hanan Carruthers and Frank Valentini, but since the soap opera Carruthers has been shamefully throwing together for years as executive producer speaks volumes as to her complete and utter cluelessness when it comes to the topic of how to save soaps, I decided to pull a quote from Valentini, who runs what insiders report is actually ABC's most cost-effective, efficiently-produced, and up until a month or so ago, entertaining daytime drama, One Life to Live:

I think the biggest challenge for the media is it is so fragmented right now that people are either multitasking, surfing the net, texting, talking on the phone all at once," said Valentini. "So, I think ot truly capture their attention for 45 minutes a day, and not just those 45 minutes a day, but for the five days and the following weeks...once a story starts, it has to start with a bang and then go from there."

Why in high hell won't Brian Frons just leave Valentini and Ron Carlivati alone so that they can actually put out a good soap opera again? Unlike Carruthers, they have proven they can do it when left alone. When is Lisa de Cazotte taking over AMC anyway? She's had enough time to learn the soap. Make Craputhers walk the plank already! 

Don't just wait around to see another soap opera cancelled due to incompetence. If Frons wants to exercise his creative muscle, why not create a new SOAPnet reality show to find the next Douglas Marland, Gloria Monty or Bill Bell? They're out there. I see them in our comments lines everyday, and no, they didn't write for, or star on Melrose Place