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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Life is But a Dream

Hi everyone! I don't know what it is with this show but I swear every single character is living in denial about their lives. Whatever, at least Will and Mia are cute -lol! Here's what happened today...

Chloe and Brady:
At the hospital, Chloe tries to get in to see Philip but the guard at the door won’t let her in. When she tries to explain she’s his sister-in-law, the guard gets really snippy with her and tries to physically remove her. Luckily, Brady walks over and tells him to stop. Then, he calls and gets Chloe on the approved visitors list.


Philip’s sleeping, so Chloe and Brady take the time to catch up. Chloe asks what happened to his face, but Brady brushes it off. They talk about what happened to Philip and Chloe tells Brady that he’s starting to sound like Victor. He tells her not to worry he might want justice for what happened but he’s not about to do something stupid to the DiMeras. Chloe reminds him that Nicole’s a DiMera now and Brady claims that doesn’t matter because he doesn’t love her anymore. Really? He should try to market that emotion ‘Off-Switch’ of his – he could make a fortune!

Then, Brady changes the subject and they talk about how things are going with Lucas. Chloe says everything is going okay and teases that Lucas even pushes the toothpaste from the bottom up. He asks if she’s happy and she tells him she is. Brady tells her that Lucas is a lucky guy. Well, I’ll pass on that kind of luck thank you! The poor guy gets cheated on more than Stefano comes back from the dead!

Mia and Will:  Mia and Will are studying at the Java Café. I need to pause here for a moment - I thought they were going to the pub? And where’s Grace? Come on writers, have we ever heard of continuity? Okay, I know this is Days of Our Lives here. I’m letting it go… At Java, Mia tells Will how great it was to see Grace again and how great it is to spend time with him too. Will smiles and then shyly asks if Mia would like to go to his opening baseball game next week and Mia says yes.

Later, while Mia helps a hopeless Will study Spanish, a friend of his comes over and recognizes Mia from her old school. He and Will try to get her talk about her old school but Mia shuts down. Things get especially weird when Will’s friend brings up a guy at Mia’s old school who had a crush on her and Mia pretends she has no idea who he is.

After Will’s friend leaves, Will asks Mia what’s going on. He wants to know why she shuts town every time someone tries to talk about her past. Mia doesn’t answer.

Nicole and Hope: Hope is out for a walk on the docks when Bo calls. He tells her that the suspect in Philip’s shooting is in South America. Hope tells him that she’s going to go and question Stefano.

Meanwhile, EJ calls Nicole at the mansion and tells her that Stefano’s going to be away for a while but she can’t tell anyone. He tells her he’ll be home as soon as he runs an errand. Then he hangs up on her as she’s telling him she loves him.

When she gets off the phone, Nicole picks up Sydney and has a flash back to telling Mia to stay away. She tells Sydney that at least they have one thing they don’t have to worry about.

Later, the doorbell rings and Nicole goes to answer it and is surprised to find Hope on the other side of the door. Hope says she’s looking for Stefano but Nicole tells her she doesn’t know where he is. Hope pushes her way in and asks about EJ. Nicole tells her he’s at the office. Hope points out how weird it is that EJ’s at the office when he and Nicole should be on their honeymoon. Nicole tells her they decided to put it off because of everything’s that happened. Hope makes a smart ass comment about how it’s kind of weird that they went through with the wedding just days after Tony’s death but they’re postponing the honeymoon. Nicole gets defensive and goes on and on about how perfect her wedding was. She says that the family has had enough time to mourn and she and EJ decided they needed to do something joyful. Hope seems to find this sincerity as touching as I do, when she replies with a very sarcastic, “Oh, poor you.”

The two of them arguing wakes Sydney up, so Nicole snaps at Hope for waking up the baby and then goes to get her. Hope comments on how beautiful Sydney is. Then, she asks Nicole how she can lie for EJ and keep Sydney there. Nicole gets defensive again. Hope keeps questioning Nicole, but Nicole is in full blown denial and lying mode so she gets nothing out of her. She tells Nicole that EJ isn’t worth her loyalty and then leaves.

Rafe/Sami/EJ: Sami and Rafe are getting hot and heavy on the couch at her place, when there’s a knock at the door. Sami panics that it could be Will and scrambles to get herself and Rafe presentable. Then, she opens the door and is surprised to find EJ standing there. She demands to know what he’s doing there and he claims to have pre-school applications for Johnny. She tells him he should have called first and tries to close the door on him but he pushes the door and comes in anyone.

When EJ gets inside, Sami asks why he had to march over there to bring her forms she could have just as easily printed off the internet herself. He doesn’t really answer her. He just sits down on the corner of the desk and looks at Rafe and smirks. He says he has a business proposal for Rafe – he needs a bodyguard for Nicole. Sami flips out and says, “No way.” EJ quips that he thinks Rafe would be great for the job since he obviously did such a great of protecting Sami and he knows the house so well. Then, he makes a cable guy joke and Rafe finally clues in that EJ knows about his break in at the mansion. EJ seems to enjoy watching Rafe and Sami starting to argue, but Sami puts a stop to it saying they’ll talk about it later. Then, Rafe gets a phone call and steps out of the room, leaving EJ and Sami alone together.

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While they’re alone, Sami goes off on EJ for interrupting her and Rafe. EJ tries to get her tell him the real reason she interrupted the wedding and Sami keeps trying to brush it off, saying she doesn’t have to give him an explanation. EJ mocks the ridiculous explanations that Sami does give him as Rafe listens in the hallway.

EJ tells Sami that he’s worried about her behavior and Sami says she has no idea what he’s talking about and he explains that she’s having problems weaning herself off of him. This causes Sami to snap and tell him, "I don't know how many different ways you need me to say this to you, EJ. I am not in love with you. Whatever we had between us is gone." EJ explains that he wasn’t talking about him and her but about her and Rafe. He says that Rafe’s the rebound guy and the only person who doesn’t see that is Rafe. I guess if anybody would know about having a rebound relationship, it would be EJ!

As Sami starts in on EJ and his observations, Rafe comes back in. EJ decides it’s time to go and leaves – taking the package he brought for Sami with him. I guess he wants an excuse to see her later –lol!

Sami asks Rafe how the phone call went and he tells her that they had figured out he wasn’t taking the job when he didn’t get on the plane. Sami sees that Rafe is upset about what EJ said and she tries to brush it off saying it doesn’t matter what EJ thinks because if it did she would have told him about Grace. Rafe says that’s problem. Why would she have waited til the last minute before EJ got married to tell EJ about Grace – if she wasn’t hoping he would stop the wedding and pick her. Sami denies that’s the reason and they argue some more. Rafe asks her why EJ would still think she loves him then.

EJ and Nicole: EJ gets back to the mansion and asks Nicole about Sydney. Nicole tells him she’s asleep. She also tells him that Hope stopped by asking questions about him and Stefano. She reassures EJ she didn’t say anything. He’s glad she kept quiet and proceeds to pet her neck like a dog.

Nicole asks where Stefano is and after trying to be evasive, EJ gives in and tells her Stefano has gone out of the country for medical treatment. He reminds her that this has to be their little secret.

EJ changes the subject reminding Nicole that the two of them are all alone right now and says that they should take advantage of it. When he goes to lock the front door, Nicole finds the envelope he brought to Sami’s and starts to freak out about him going to see Sami. He tells her they’re just pre-school papers and then tries to seduce her with imaginary oceans, which apparently works as they head upstairs. Wow! Cheap date –lol!

Then, while EJ and Nicole are getting hot and heavy in bed, finds himself saying, “I love you so much” as he imagines Nicole turning into Sami. Okay, that was almost worth this EJami fan sitting through the pre-game show – almost –lol!

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