General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Christmas came early in the Perkie household and Jax became my new favorite character! When he hauled off and punched Sonny right smack dab in the face, I cheered, rewound and cheered again. I love that Sonny is such a wimp that there was an instant bruise, whereas his lame attempt to hit Jax back resulted in nothing.


Line of the day (maybe even the year!)

Jax to Sonny: "Get the hell out of my hotel or I'll kick your ass and then have you arrested."

I like the Matt/Patrick story even though they are way more inept than necessary. I also love that baby Emma is so easy and goes to anybody who picks her up without squawking.

I like when Maxie and Lulu are being civil to each other and I liked that Lulu finally came to Maxie's aid. I also loved the dress Lulu was wearing. She must have baked some really good brownies for the make-up and hair departments lately!

Anybody else feel the incredibly inappropriate chemistry vibe between Sarah Brown and Brandon Barash in that one scene? Claudia and Johnny were standing toe to toe, he's yelling at her and all I was thinking was that he was going to grab her and start making out. Too bad they're playing related because they would be hot together.

Rebecca apparently is a 12-year-old who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a hospital, much less near patients and patient's reports. What was that? She walks up, throws the X-ray at Liz and snarks her out? I'm like, WTF?

I loved the Nik/Liz kiss even though it was a total set up and completely contrived and childish. It made me laugh.