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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 04.30.09

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb… Ric is ready to spill the beans - I thought he already did with no success? – but he wants to play a game first. Who does he think he is Jerry Jacks? Plans, games, I’m over them all. With Michael going under the knife there’s that live or die possibility. We obviously know he lives through the surgery but Ric is hedging his bets. If Michael doesn’t make it through the surgery, he’s spilling. If he does, Ric will keep his trap shut. Since he didn’t succeed as planned when telling Sonny about Claudia’s role in the shooting, is it the “I may be the daddy” news that Ric is threatening to spill? Shouldn’t Sonny already have that suspicion? He knows they were sleeping together. Oh silly me, Sonny’s sperm is the only super sperm in PC. Never mind.


Is it Patrick who gets Jax’s fancy doctor to operate? Is it Patrick doing the cutting? It LOOKS like Dr. Hansen MAY not be holding the scalpel as all involved want Michael to go under the knife immediately. Matt worries that Patrick is taking too much of a risk with Michael’s life in his hands but he’ll be there for back-up. Elizabeth also scrubs in. Flat line? Yep! Mikey almost doesn’t make it but sorry Ric, he pulls through.

GH improving? Some posters have said they see an improvement. While there are things I am finding myself enjoying, I’m not singing GH’s praises just yet. I have loved this show for such a long time and fended off the naysayers but never have I ever felt stupid for watching this show until recently. I blame that on the writing since TPTB seem to think we’re all stupid and incapable of remembering history. So what do I like? As much as I was opposed to it, I am liking the new hospital set except for that strange staircase situation. I like the aesthetic of the staircase but is it really the best thing for a hospital? I miss the elevator doors opening as well. The intervention was very well done. Kudos to whoever wrote that. It almost felt a little rushed but I am happy the postpartum story is coming to an end and all involved in those scenes did a fab job.

Two men and a baby… Some cute stuff but really why must they write two doctors as stupid idiots? It’s bad enough that the law enforcement in town is a joke now the doctors can’t handle a baby? And did I miss something? Wasn’t Robin no help with Emma due to the Postpartum? Now Patrick can’t manage without her and Matt is afraid to take his niece on a walk around the neighborhood? There SHOULD be more coming and Maxie MAY even get in on it. M&M fans keep a look out.

More money being spent… New wife, new digs. It’s actually classic Sonny to allow his wife du jour to redecorate his pad. It’s Claudia’s turn. Look for a newly decorated Greystone soon.

Was Mayor Floyd’s wife always a part of the plan? Some are saying she was but in a much smaller capacity which got a boost when Martha Byrne signed on. As I mentioned yesterday, it seems all the pieces and timing fell in place for Byrne to sign on. The LATEST says the role was expanded when she did.

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The Liason scene at Michael’s bedside… It LOOKS like they only talk about the patient at hand.

Jason confiding in Sam… APPEARS to be Jason letting it all out. He’s apparently holding way too much weight on his shoulders and needs to vent. Will JaSam fans get some history mentions? RUMORS are leaning that way.

More Elizabeth and Nikolas? When the RUMORS first broke about that kiss, they also said another kiss was happening. The LATEST? Still seeing a POSSIBLE drunken kiss at Jakes. My thoughts on yesterday’s assault on Elizabeth’s mouth? A little awkward and I did not find it as hot as Luke did.


Summer storylines… There’s the murder mystery that MAY or MAY NOT involve the mayor and his wife. Michael’s struggles after losing a year of his life and I am still seeing RUMORS that Dante will see the light of the Port Charles harbor.

Repair in the rift? Will Spixie get back on track? Remember her plan to have Spinelli save her ends with Johnny to the rescue. There are SPOILERS out there that the pair goes on a stakeout together. Will Spixie smooch on the stakeout? One drop says they will to cover their tracks. After the crisis is averted, Spin MAY go back to giving Maxie the cold shoulder.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… It’s Ric who gets Claudia to the hospital during her miscarriage scare. Is it a scare or will Claudia lose the baby? Ric has a court order for a paternity test. What’s Tracy hiding? Maxie and Lulu lying to the Jackal? Another secret? Spin is SPOILED to uncover one mid-May. Will Jason be the one who uncovers the truth about Claudia? Of course he will! No one else is allowed to solve things in PC, not even the police.