The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Bill Spencer's Will Is Read


Ridge and Eric discussed the real reason that Stephanie went to Bill's funeral alone. Ridge thought she was better off living her own life than staying at home even if it has to be at Jackie M's. Ridge played the recording of Rick's rant and told him the engagment with Steffy was off. Eric expressed concern for Steffy as Ridge demanded that he fire Rick. Eric realized that Ridge was acting alone and that Brooke did not support his mission. Eric said that if Rick was this bad off, then he needs professional help. He also informed Ridge that he was standing by his original decision and the men would have to learn to coexist. Ridge said that would NEVER happen and left Eric's office. Pam came in looking for Ridge to sign very important papers right away, but Eric did not know where he was off to.


Bill's will reading was short and very sweet. He wanted to use is original office and he only asked that Karen, Stephanie, Clarke and Donna be in attendance. Karen asked about Ridge and Stephanie commented that he was unhappily married to Brooke...again. 

Now to the good stuff. Donna received a box and a note that read that the box reminded him of her: temptation, but what was in the box is really what he thought of her. Inside was a small, jeweled container and when Donna opened it, it was empty. Clarke and Stephanie chucked over the joke and Clarke found out he was next on the list. Bill honored Clarke's achievements as a designer with gold medal. He asked Stephanie to read it, but when she scratched the gold, she discovered that it was wrapped around chocolate. The note read "as fake as your designs". Karen and Bill, Jr. received 50% of his estate and his publishing empire. He instructed that they are to run it together as co-CEO's. After that revelation, the lawyer departed.

Karen gave Stephanie a letter that he wanted her to deliver personally. Bill offered his respect for Stephanie over the years and asked for Stephanie's help in guiding Karen as she did with Caroline. She told Karen that Caroline was the love of Ridge's life. Before Karen left, Stephanie mysteriously said she may call on Karen for a favor in the future.

Thomas observed that his father's marriage will be very strained if Brooke continues to side with Rick. Thomas and Taylor discussed Taylor's regrets about their marriage and how she wished he was still around. Thomas encouraged her to fight, but she explained that she would not cross lines where Ridge's marriage was concerned. Stephanie came home and Thomas reiterated that Ridge belongs with them. Stephanie also put in her two cents for Taylor to take action since it worked out so well for her. She wouldn't have left Forrester if Eric hadn't fired her and she could not have imagined the outcome.

Ridge returned home and Brooke told him that Rick was gone. She told him it should be enough that the engagement is off and wanted to know what Eric told him about firing Rick. Brooke does not have a problem with Ridge spending time with his family, but she feels that Taylor's influence on him is as bad as what he thinks is Rick's influence is on her.