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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Happy Thursday people! Some interesting developments are headed to The Young and the Restless.

Like we've been saying all along, Sharon is knocked up and doesn't know who her baby daddy is! After she takes a pregnancy test due to feeling the symptoms of being with child, Sharon finds out she's knocked up. At first she's in shock and knows since her life is so screwed up she's in no position to have a baby. The irony of Sharon's situation is that she was judging Phyllis a few years ago when she became knocked up with Summer and didn't know who the father was and now Sharon has taken her place. Sharon heads to the GCAC to contemplate her current situation when she sees an unkempt Jack coming down the stairs and, puts the pieces together and realizes that Jack slept with another woman.The other woman is Mary Jane. In a funk, Sharon tells her mom about her pregnancy and she also has to break down and tell her that its between three men. Sharon's mom Doris has no clue about the trysts with Billy and her mom is not too happy about this revelation.


Later on, Sharon goes to Restless Style to inform Nick about her pregnancy, but Phyllis blocks her every move to speak with Nick. Sharon then decides to tell Jack and just drops the bombshell on him. Jack's elated at being a father because in his eyes he's going to have a child with the woman he loves and still wants to be a father of Sharon's baby even if its not his child. Jack realizes that this child can also be Nick's and tells Sharon he still wants to help her with the baby. Sharon is very relieved and happy that Jack wants to help her and asks for him to give her some time so she can weigh all of her options. Billy stops by after Sharon leaves and Jack lets him know that Sharon is pregnant. Billy goes mute because panic sets in and realizes that he can be the father. He congratulates Jack and then heads off to find Sharon. Billy confronts Sharon about her pregnancy and lets her know that if Chloe finds out about their tryst and the baby possibly being his she'll freak out because Chloe is already crazy when it comes to Billy. Bill does however, let Sharon know that if the child is his he's not going to shy away from his responsibilities. Jack then walks in on Billy and Sharon and Sharon covers for Billy.

Sharon decides she has to let Nick know about her pregnancy and she finds out he's at the park with Summer and goes off to tell him. Right when she's about to spill all to Nick, Summer falls down and injures herself. Nick and Sharon head to the ER with her when Phyllis comes to the hospital. Big Red is not thrilled to see Sharon there with Nick, but puts all that aside because she's too concerned for Summer's well being. Sharon watches Nick and Phyllis together and decides that she doesn't want to torpedo Nick's world and decides to keep mum about her situation for a bit. She turns up at Jack's and takes him up on his offer and also decides privately to herself that she wants to find out who exactly is her unborn child's father down the line.

Decision time for the Newman heir. Does he stay with Newman or go back to Restless Style full time.

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Paul/Nikki: Old friends and lovers now a married couple? Starting to look that way when when Paul pops the question to Nikki. What will Victor say about this?

Victor: He tells Nikki he's sorry. (Yeah I'm in shock too!)

Ashley still reeling from wearing Sabrina's things from the night of her accident, she confronts faithful Newman housekeeper Estella with being the one that's playing the mind games with her. Ash shows Estella the picture of Sabrina the night of the charity gala and the receipt of the items being purchased on Ashley's credit card. Estella denies being the culprit, but Ashley still firmly believes its her because Estella doesn't hide that she can't stand her. Later on, Ashley comes across a cup of hot chocolate, the Koon's egg of Sabrina's and an art catalog. Ashley is shocked and knows that someone is trying to scare her and makes it appear that she's behind gathering Sabrina's things. When Victor comes upon her, he is very concerned and starts to be worried that Ashley's starting to crack. She insists to Victor that she's not behind the things being left out and tells him that she thinks it's Estella.

Unfortunately for Ash, Victor doesn't think that its his housekeeper and this pisses her off because he's not believing in her and is getting frustrated with having to prove herself. Later on, Ashley and Adam are talking about the occurrences and he brings up the fact that big sister Victoria has been hanging out at ranch a bit and that she and Sabrina were tight. This makes Ashley wonder if her ex-stepdaughter is the culprit. Things go from bad to worse for Ashley when she has to go to court to testify against Gloria for the Jabot skin cream tampering. She lets the judge know that due to Gloria's stupidity, the cream burned Abby, caused friction between Ashley and Jack and also destroyed John's reputation and life. Once Ashley's finishes testifying, Gloria shouts out that she is in fact responsible and the judge sides with Jabot. Ashley makes a snide comment about Gloria that she overhears. Gloria gets angry and confronts Ashley on what she said and starts a shouting match with her. Ashley then fires back at Gloria calling her a money grubbing bitch that kills the men she's married to. Ashley then starts having abdominal pains and has to be taken to the hospital, Ashley's baby is in grave danger. Sucks to be that slonkey when Victor hears she triggered the attack on Ashley.

The motley crew are in big trouble.

He refuses to let Mac go.

He works as a snitch for the FBI.

Casting News:

: She returns onscreen when her character Karen serves Neil with divorce papers the day before Cane and Lily's wedding.

Jerry Douglas: He returns as John Abbott's ghost on May 5.